Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't Find it?

It seems I am having a difficult time getting the web-site listing to stick. Yahoo keeps confusing me with other Tangerines. I am working on it but it may take a little time.

If you are searching for the website and directions here is the link

Two more days until we open and I am excited.

There are two must have shipments that have not made it here yet but are promised by Friday. One of them is a big box of the softest T-shirts by Dead Worry. They are made one at a time by a girl with a silk screen. She uses simple mod designs and puts them on Desert distressed shirts that are so soft it feels like that favorite shirt you have had forever.

The other shippment I am waiting for are the rest of the figurines from Andy's Rascals. Andy makes the sweetest little kids. Say good-bye to your Precious Moments, if you are going to collect something tiny these are it. She uses real kids as models and each figurine can take up to 40 hours to complete. They are then carefully handpainted and signed. My favorite is the Mermaid.

Andy is sending me angels and not just any angels, these angels have panties that are showing, scrunched up boo-boo faces and stolen cookie smudgies.

Today Iva is coming by to drop off some necklaces she made just for the shop, they are going to be vintage beautiful I just know it. Then we are going to buy a case of pink champagne for the opening. My daughter loved it and it is what she would have wanted to serve if she were here. My first toast before I open the doors will be to her, my sweet bunny girl, my favorite one, my inspiration.

Friday Allison and Maread are coming over to have a cupcake bake off, you can't have pink champagne without cupcakes!

Saturday the doors will open and it will be official.

Don't pinch me, I like it this way!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Grand Opening October 18th

Oh My Goodness can you believe it?

Yep Tangerine will finally be opening, oh I am so excited. October 18Th I will swing my little doors open to the public. It will be a quiet day with friends and family visiting, everyone is welcome. I will be serving pink champagne and cupcakes.

There is still more work to do but I can't wait any longer I want to share so come and visit, play, hang-out, nibble, shop, and be a part of a wonderful day.

The shop is located next to the frame company, it is a little hidden, just look for the paper lanterns and topiary trees.

7038 Village Parkway in Dublin
all day...