Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Everything...

Well it has been a terrific year here at Tangerine. I have made some new friends, met some great artists and the customers who show up once seem to show up again and again...I am grateful, blessed and on most days just blown away by how this little store has such a big heart.

I am still in the process of updating the website. I hate doing it and it is always on my list of things to procrastinate, top of the list actually. My goal is to have it all pretty and new by New Year unless something more exciting comes up like a root canal.

New Classes are going up today, this I am seriously excited about, there will be plenty of fun art making here this year so keep checking the website for updates.

In January I am building out a tiny studio here at the store, it is going to take a little muscle a lot of imagination and some magic to make it happen but it will be a sweet workplace to make art and do demos. Many of you know that my home and studio are not too far away from Tangerine and often I can be found there instead of here. Hopefully with a studio space at the store I can be found here more often.

I wish all of you a very Merry Holiday season may you be surrounded by people you love, have plenty of cookies to nibble on and may the new year bring growth, prosperity, discovery, and harmony.

Make Art=Be Happy