Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colleen and Iva...

Last Sunday Colleen Moody taught her Jewel Box Doll class, students traveled far and wide to attend. It was a difficult day for me, an important anniversary. I had to leave the shop for a family gathering and Colleen had Tangerine for the day. A little later Iva Wilcox showed up and took over ringing everyone up.

They did all this so I could be with my family on a very sad day. I can not thank them enough. I would also like to thank all the students in class that day for the kindness they showed me. Special thanks to Tina Marie Capriotti, what a beautiful and fun woman who got the prize for longest distance traveled. She made Colleen and I the sweetest necklaces. They were little pink nests made of wire that encircled a pearl egg. She embellished them with silk leaves and pretty filament. They are as gorgeous as she is.

People who make art "Get it" I have never known such a caring group of people. I think it may be due in part to the fact that we make ourselves vulnerable by turning what is inside of us into something that can be touched. We understand that tender place in ourselves and in others.

Tangerine continues to be a tiny space with a big heart.

Today is a day to make iced green tea and sit outside with colored pencils, water colors and a fat stack of paper. Spring is all around us...

Make art=Be Happy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Show me the Munny

Good Morning everyone!

This is a Munny. Kid Robot makes these sweet vinyl toys that you can do amazing things with. They start off life as a canvas and you take them where you want them to go. Rosie O'Donnel is decorating her Munny's and selling them on her website to raise money for the school she founded.

They are an addiction. This little guy use to be white now he is a robot with an eye that lights up. He lives at Tangerine, you can come and play with him anytime you want (insert shameless marketing) You can get your own munny and other Kid Robot Goodies at Tangerine. You can also go to and check out some winning designs.

Iva has another private workshop coming up. I have to say this is a great idea and catching on. You invite some of your closest friends (who like to make stuff) give me a call, and I will connect you with an instructor, a project and some studio time. We have a bridal shower private workshop that I will be teaching, we are making paperclay wedding cake toppers. It's fun, and a little bit more entertaining than hangin at Starbucks. Well I don't need enemies so you can get your Starbucks across the street and come over to my shop and play!

Catherine Moore stamps are in again, they went fast last time and I expect they will run out of the store again. I am keeping the sword-fighters for myself!

Velvet flowers are on the way, they should be here next week.

Stampington's Marie arrived last week, there are still about six more copies left. I would also like some feedback about which of their magazines you love best. They have so many and they are not easily found, I would like to keep your faves in stock.

Well enough product placement...

I am glad to be home and I have been rethinking the idea of what a vacation really is...

In the past vacation has meant:

Finding a family friendly destination we can all agree on that isn't expensive.
Packing up the kids and half the house.
Cramming the car and boat full of stuff, food, toys, bikes, dogs, chairs, relatives...
Driving for hours.
Cooking and washing dishes outdoors.
Trying to keep the husband from losing the kids in the ocean or in the wilderness.
Trying to keep the mosquito's from eating the kids.
Trying to keep the kids from eating all the marshmallows on the first day.
Fighting with Steve at the boat ramp.
Getting sunburned through sunscreen
Packing up all the dirty stuff we didn't lose.
Driving back home.
Washing it and Putting it all away.

This is exhausting. Fun, and worth it but a lot of work. I still had to do all the things i did at home but without modern conveniences like a toilet, hot water and a bed.

When I went to France, I packed a bag, I got on a plane, they gave me champagne and orange juice. Went to the hotel, they made the beds. Went where ever I wanted and ate what I wanted, read a book, made some art, packed up my bag and came back home.

Now that is a vacation. I came home well rested, and energized.

Don't get me wrong my favorite moments in life are spent watching my kids explore, set things on fire, swim in the ocean, and sleep under the stars. But that I will have to find another name for like "Relocation" instead of "Vacation"

I think a "vacation" is in order every five years but "relocation" you only get that for a little while you have to do that as many times as you can fit into a childhood. I might come home filthy, itchy and tired but my heart is full and my kids are happy.

Hmmm fluffy duvet, hot bath, mint on my pillow or blow up mattress, sticky little people wrapped around you, and burned toast for breakfast...honestly sticky little people win every time.

This is an inspirational time of year, time to get outside. Watch the sun come up, walk in the park, eat lunch on your front lawn. Imagine you are a well and all that color, sound and imagery is filling you up.

Make art=Be happy

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I just got home, it is about four in the morning but I am still on Paris time so I am up and ready to start the day.

It was surprising to me that I did not have more access by computer. I really wanted to document the trip a little more, and a lot better.

Tonight I will down load the photos and try to scan the postcards.

If you have been trying to call please try again, the business line is open.
I am a little out of the loop but I will find my legs quickly and get new classes up. There will be a few changes regarding registration that will help smooth the process for students and instructors.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while this last month...and those of you who stopped by to check in.

Tangerine will be open today and tomorrow for limited hours but we will back to our normal schedule on Tuesday the 14th.

Remember that Tangerine is a one woman show, that means I wear many hats. If you arrive during regular store hours and find the door locked simply call the number on the door (925)548-8447. I may simply be in the studio, preparing a class, or out back accepting a delivery. I will be more than happy to hop up front and open the door for you.

Tangerine is proud to be part of CONVENZIONE 2009! Please check it out, there are still opportunities to register and some sweet options if you just want to come to a few of the events. Go to for more details.

It is so nice to be back, this is going to be a super creative spring.


Friday, April 3, 2009

I am crossing my fingers that this works. The connection I have is not very reliable. I am in Paris, in my little apartment on St. Germain Du Pres a very fancy and busy street in the middle of everything.

I am home on a Friday night because my feet are killing me, I walked myself silly all day. Tomorrow the markets open so I will be shopping for things to bring back to Tangerine. The week long markets d0 not open until summer so I only have two days to make purchases.

I did find a small antique store were I bought bit of this and that and paid way too much but I couldn't resist, I needed all that French text and little books. I fell in love with a little basket of class salt shakers that must have been buried at some point.

It isn't easy to post photos from here but I will give it my best shot, apologies up front if it doesn't work.

I would write all about the days here in this magical city but it would go on and on and on...

I have eaten more, cheese, butter, bread, and deserts this week than I have in my entire life. I may need two seats on the airplane home.

As much as I love it here I miss home, Paris has the Paris thing but the East Bay has it's own thing too. I havn't seen much art that comes close to anything we are doing at home, I have talked to a few people who love mixed medium work and who love "Scatchet bookine" We are a very popular nation here. So many people want to talk about Obama...

I said a prayer and lit a candle for Stevie and Brianna at was lovely.

Well I better load up some photos and get myself to bed so I can be an early market-girl and find all of you some fantastic treasures.

I will be back on the 9th and I will do my best to have the store open in the next day or so depending on jet-lag. Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

Bon Nuit