Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Everything...

Well it has been a terrific year here at Tangerine. I have made some new friends, met some great artists and the customers who show up once seem to show up again and again...I am grateful, blessed and on most days just blown away by how this little store has such a big heart.

I am still in the process of updating the website. I hate doing it and it is always on my list of things to procrastinate, top of the list actually. My goal is to have it all pretty and new by New Year unless something more exciting comes up like a root canal.

New Classes are going up today, this I am seriously excited about, there will be plenty of fun art making here this year so keep checking the website for updates.

In January I am building out a tiny studio here at the store, it is going to take a little muscle a lot of imagination and some magic to make it happen but it will be a sweet workplace to make art and do demos. Many of you know that my home and studio are not too far away from Tangerine and often I can be found there instead of here. Hopefully with a studio space at the store I can be found here more often.

I wish all of you a very Merry Holiday season may you be surrounded by people you love, have plenty of cookies to nibble on and may the new year bring growth, prosperity, discovery, and harmony.

Make Art=Be Happy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh my it has been forever since my last Tangerine post. It has been so incredibly busy. There is a lot going on here is the scoop...

Classes, Classes, Classes

I got a lot of heat when I decided to taper down the workshops, I think what I needed was time to learn how to do it right, it was a little too much work for me last year (I got a little overwhelmed). I have it down now I think, I seem to be feeling a lot groovier about it so we are gearing up again for some regular workshops. I have some great instructors and I have a little bit more time to do some teaching myself, very exciting.

Check out the Tangerine Website for all the details! Here is a little teaser:

This Saturday I am teaching a paper clay doll workshop, we are doing the tiny mermaids you have all seen in the store. They are sweet, have arms that swing, embellished fabric tails, and twisty wool hair decorated with itty bitty shells. It is a long class but we have a lot to cover and everyone should goes home with a finished doll (for those of you that promise you will finish your project when you get home but never do). There might be one or two spaces left.

Julee Hermann is doing a "Get your holiday craft on" class next week. Super special intro class price, to get you all giddy and inspired. The morning class is for beginners the class that follows will be doing a project a little bit more challenging. It really doesn't matter where you are with your solder skills it is always a treat to have some class time with Julee.

This month I will also be teaching an altered jewelry class, smalls shrines-big impact. This is a very popular class, super fun, messy and the end result is almost always breathtaking.

In December Iva Wilcox will be teaching a beeswax collage class. OK so imagine this, lots of vintage imagery, paint, stains, the smell of natural beeswax melting, and going home with a project you are proud to give but might just keep because you love it!


Every year I make a couple dozen ornaments for the store tree a wee thing that is a different color every year. This year the tree is a light brown and the ornaments are all made of paper and vintagy things...sweet! The ornaments are leaving as fast as I can get them up so you need to jump on over and grab one or two before they are all gone.

Is it me or does this holiday come earlier every year?

The new Papaya calenders are hear and they are even better than last year!

We have the BEST stocking stuffers; flying monkeys, Jesus bubble bath, unicorn bandaids, snake pens, stationary, mustaches, ginger puppets, colored pencils pony playing cards....


The store has been moved around a little to make more room for classes, and in January we will be bringing down a wall for some serious art supplies. The paint, adhesives, linen canvas, wax, markers, and a million other yummy art stuff should be arriving soon.

In the spring we will be doing more painting, collage, and some sculpting!!!

The website and blog will be getting a face lift finally, and the dreaded mailing list and promised newsletter should be a reality before we know it (I know, I know I am slacker!)

A video is in the making, I will put the link here just as soon as it's complete.

Gina's Faves

Winter is a great time to make art so put on some soft socks a big sweater, break out a space heater, plug in the glue gun and get makin' mama! Oh don't forget cookies and hot cocoa!!!

My favorite gifts are made by people I love. Here is a list of some of my most favorite gifts I have given and received...

Anything baked with good chocolate, real sugar, and packed in a tin.

Homemade Pesto, salsa, chocolate sauce, and caramel, especially if a little spoon is tied to the jar with a ribbon.

A knit scarf.

A ribbon pin with old stamens in the middle.

Baskets filled with all the makings for a pasta dinner or a cookie making orgy.

A cigar box filled with crafty supplies; glass glitter, a great white pen, Dresden, ribbon, lace, old sheet music, a good paint brush, a squeezy tube of glue, vintage pearls, and felt flowers.

A basket of yarn balls and a crochet hook.

A hand thrown tea mug.

A giant canning jar full of gumballs or Hershey's kisses.

A handmade card with a really long letter about childhood memories, a funky photo of the two of us with missing front teeth and a promise to always be friends.

Have a super November day.

Make Art=Be Happy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holy Cow!!! There is so much going on! First I need to shout out a little about Tinsel and Treasures. Iva Wilcox is doing it again! Oh yes ladies you don't want to miss this. Every year there is a line to get in, the art is beautiful and so worth the wait, Iva has the Alamo Women's Club full of talent, these are some quality art making chickadees, they also happen to be amazing nice people too. Iva is pretty picky about who gets in and she puts a great deal of thought into showcasing some terrific artists.

It is a fun way to spend a Saturday, get your Halloween on, start your Christmas shopping, get inspired and meets some fantastic people. There is a small admission ($3) to help with the costs of the event, make and take art sessions with Dede Warren, and a sweetie table sponsored by Tangerine.

Don't miss it, be there or be octagonal.

Here are the details:

Saturday September 18th 9am-3pm (rain or shine)
Almo Women's Club (Cute Venue)
1401 Danville Avenue, Alamo
$3 admission (but there are free cookies inside!)

Micheal Demeng!!!
Has it been a year since his Royal Highness was here with his crusty clown heads, epoxy, metal cars, glass tubes, crazy golden paint? Yesiree it has and he is back to do it again. Classes filled up quick, there is a short waiting list for any last minute-gotta-ge-in'ers.

This is going to be so damn-demengted. Michael is teaching three new classes, signing books, giving out goodies, and the wine label he designed for Sue Bartollucci of Madonna Estates in Napa will be making it's debut, he will be signing labels too!

I love this guy, he is one of the best instructors I have met and a heck on a fun and interesting guy, he makes art like no one else I know. It is an honor to host him again.

He will be here September 26-27-28 and even if you are not taking a class you can stop by after class on Sunday and meet him, and have him sign your stuff.

Call Gina (that would be me) at Tangerine if you want to try your luck and squeeze in to one of the classes (I can be bribed with chocolate cake).

If you are enrolled for the workshops be sure to check the website for your supply list and all the information data.I promise a new class list soon. It has been wild busy but there will be some new classes posted soon to help you fight the winter blues and keep your creative juices flowing.

Make Art = Be Happy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cupcake Saturday!

Oh me, Oh my...

Tomorrow is Saturday and it's "Cupcake Time" Kayla made a couple batches of her famous cupcakes for the store (my mouth is watering!) We are having a little summer clearance sale with some artsy-craftsy goodies, a few things in the store are on sale (making room for new stuff) I am planning on doing a little flower-fairy make and take just for fun.

It is summer and I thought it might be fun to gather a few of my favorite customers for a some sweet and silly.

If you are out and about stop by for some great goodies and say hi.

Have a super summer day every one.

Make Art= Be Happy

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gina, Gina, Tangerina...

Julie comes in on Wednesdays and says the same thing each time "Gina, Gina, Tangerina" I love it, she is like liquid sunshine. Julie is the new Cricut pimp and she has all the swag. She is great at her job and it won't be long before we see her at CHA glamming it up. She is supper fun and enthusiastic abut every endevor.

Not a whole lot going on, everyone seems to be making summer plans as they should but I will post a few summer classes on the website this week for those of us in town. I appreciate all my regulars and the weekly visits, what a job! love it!

The next big date for your calender is July 10th Our first Cupcake Saturday. Come in, bring a friend, load up on some sweets and be happy! We will also be having a little Artist Garage Sale there will be some really well priced goodies for making stuff.

I seem to be the only one around selling Stampington like crazy. This magazine company is awesome. I not only get to sell the magazine but once in a while I get the opportunity to write for them, what fun that is! The magazines feature many local artists, have great ideas for new projects and are just delicious to look at.

Michael Demeng will be here in September, time to get on the list if you want to be in his workshops. Call the store for more details...I am still waiting for the final project list ( I am so excited!!!) three all new workshops so break out your Golden paints, your fun junk and lets make some crazy, crusty art!

Buttons, buttons, buttons. We have all been collecting (hoarding) them it is time to think of some new uses for them. I was watching 9 By Design the other day and they featured artist Ann Carrington who created a rockin portrait by using buttons to create HRH (Queen of England) on huge piece of rich black fabric. I am guessing she used an opaque projector to make the image nice and big, traced it using a white fabric pencil then slowly sewed each button on, she used mother of pearl buttons so there was this shimery quality to creamy buttons. The effect was spectacular, you check out her work at She is an exciting conceptual artist, all fun, she understands Make Art=Be Happy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chocolate and Pretty Blossoms

It's a beautiful spring day here at Tangerine. It was very busy this morning and there is now a little quiet time for tea, emails and blog posts. There were some new faces today and some favorite faces too. Marnie and her husband who I have heard so much about came in to brighten my day with their super great energy. My very good customer and fellow doll maker Marilyn came in with her daughter, they drive all the way from the city so it is always an extra special treat to see them. They brought fancy lace, pretty blossoms and some lovely chocolate all wrapped in bright orange.

I have to be the luckiest girl in the world!

News...well we have some new classes so you have to pop on over to the website and check them out

Traci Bautista will be teaching May 15th!!! ( we were able to grab her up in between her travels) You don't want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity to meet and play...she is sweet, creative, and a super instructor.

Michael Demeng is coming back!!! He will be here in September, mark you calander and get on our interest list, these are the people we will be calling first once registration opens in June.

Cupcake Saturdays are coming!!! The sweetest place in Dublin wouldn't be the sweetest if we didn't have some great sweet treats. Starting in June (every Saturday) we will be showcasing some guilty pleasures. Every week something new served on pretty trays and under glass in the store. Just some sweeties to make you want to skip all the way home.

The Yu Du is here. I a won't be selling them I simply purchased one for the store so we can have Printing parties. You bring T's, pillow shams, canvas bags and a design you would like to silkscreen. We will eat treats, print stuff and be happy. I just opened the box and I am burning the first screen today, once I work out the bugs I will announce a party date.

Well I better sign off, it seems we are back to being busy...

Make Art=Be Happy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Good evening all you Tangerineers...

It was a beautiful day today, the flowering trees on village parkway are dropping petals that look like snowflakes. Spring is here, oh how I love, love, love spring. I hope all of you took your winter shoes off, took in a little sunshine, admired the tulips, and enjoyed the birdsong.

We have a few new things at the store that I am excited about like the happies from Germany; little music boxes, rainbow makers and some delicious mole-skin note books. Ranger is sending over some new glitter, alcohol inks, and more memory glass (it flies out as fast as it arrives).

We have some new pretty bird prints and some yummy-yummy-yummy soaps, perfumes and lip balm from Tokyo Milk and new Catherine Moore stamps.

For those of you who asked the ribbon bags were an amazing deal and they sold too fast, we only have two left (sorry)but I will try to make more for the summer.

The talented and always in demand Connie Govea Stuart will be teaching the sweetest class on March 27th, it was a late add but I know it will fill easily. In her workshop you will be making one of her famous paintboxes. I will have project photos up this week. It is a beautiful piece and everyone in her class will leave with a lovely they will be very pleased with.

(The ceramic button and bowl class will be rescheduled, I will let you know as soon as I can.)

Julee has been hangin-out at the store twice a week and having her there has been wonderful, she brings a lot of positive energy, fun and silly vibes, and brightens everything up just a little more. Come on in and meet her, sit, chat, have tea. She has made it possible for me to work on other projects and I am truly grateful.

Still working on a little free video for all of is a little harder than I thought it would be. Anyone who knows me knows I am anything but shy, I have a billion word quota a day and have no trouble sharing things that make most people move to the edge of their seat a little. I don't know what it is about being filmed that makes me mumble, bumble, and feel like I weigh a thousand pounds...sigh.

Enjoy this transition, this miraculous time of year when hope is renewed as we watch buds form, blossoms fall open, and the hills that surround us turn a green that I have no words to describe. This is a great time to get up early and listen to the birds wake up, a cup of hot tea and a notebook are the only tools you need to fill your creative well.

Mother nature is sharing her pallet and her wonders it is a workshop not to be missed.

Make Art=Be Happy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh Happy March!!!

Spring is almost here I can feel it, this silly rain and the cold nights are just the wrapping paper for tulips, warm afternoons, and waking up to noisy birds that make you smile.

All is good at Tangerine, just got a few new happies in and I hung butterflies in the window. It is always to see old friends, new friends, and people who walk in not expecting a happy little niche full of treasures.

I will be posting more classes this week, Connie Govea Stuart will be teaching something wonderful late March, Traci Bautista in April and I will teach another paper clay doll class in May.

Julee Hermann will be doing some soldering classes for those of you who have always wanted to or need some brushing up. Her next class is Scheduled April 1oth.

If there is a class you must have or an instructor you would love to meet and work with let me know. We are also doing private classes for groups of creative people who like to celebrate with paint, glitter, paper, and bits and pieces.

Lady Z who does my T-shirts is working on some new shirts for the store, they should be ready in a couple weeks. This year they are simple and sweet, I know you will love them!

Iva Wilcox is already putting the next annual Tinsel and Treasures show together. Once again she has hand selected a group of artists she loves who do great work. Every year the show gets a little more exciting, the line to get in a little longer...It is a perfect gathering of local women who love to create, who collect, who just love the energy the event generates. Stay tuned I will let you know the dates and give you a sneak peek who will be at the show this year.

FACE LIFT!!! Not me (oh I wish) but the blog and the website. It needs a little freshening up, the site may be down a day or two as we make the changes. The goal is to make the blog a little more like a news letter with some tips, challenges, inspiration and more photos. I am also working on a couple video classes for those of you who live far away, or not so far away.

Have a super terrific day everyone!

Make Art= Be Happy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Morning!

The rain is here. I am not a fan of cold gloomy weather but you have to admit rainy days do have a certain charm. Who doesn't like sitting by a fire, warm tea, a fat book, and something sinful in the oven like chocolate chip muffins or a loaf of banana bread. I love to eat soup on wet grey days, wear big socks, watch movies from the 80's and laugh at the hair and the clothes that I thought were so wonderful when I was sixteen.

Here at Tangerine it is quiet. The street is full of rain instead of cars and it's a day to catch up on all those things I have been avoiding like tax prep, website updates, sweeping, putting the last of Christmas away...

Last night I made more ephemera jars while I drank hot chocolate and listened to the rain beat down. The jars are a little smaller but packed with better stuff I have been holding onto just for this purpose. I also made some jewelry, my hope is to have it all completed by Friday and put out next week for everyone to enjoy.

New magazines are here and Catherine Moores new line of stamps arrived last week, they are wonderful. I will be hitting the gift shows next month and I am excited to find a few new things for the store.

Julee Herrman is about to become a regular fixture. She will be doing a little creating here at Tangerine and helping me out when she can. I love her energy, enthusiasm and her creativity I believe she will bring a little more magic to the store.

Tracy Bautista may be doing a workshop soon, I will be meeting with her this week to discuss the possibility, she is as sweet and wonderful as everyone says she is and overflows with arty goodness.

I had dinner with my two side-kicks Iva Wilcox and Colleen Moody. I don't know what it is about getting out with girl friends that makes you feel like smiling and being silly. Colleen will be featured in Stampingtons new Primitive Doll magazine and Iva is doing a lot more painting (she is a gifted painter but keeps it a secret) we had drinks, great food, gossip, told dirty jokes and had a great time, they keep me happy.

Ingrid Pomeroy has been a busy bee. I love Ingrid, she is witty, smart, and a hard working artist. It seems like every time I open a Stapington magazine there she is. Her work is lovely. She stopped by with her sweet daughter a week ago, they are always so cheery and full of news. You can see some of Ingrids work at American Harvest in Pleasanton. Tell Sharon I sent you.

Lana Kloch will be doing a Tangerine trunk show, I don't have a date but we are gearing up for spring. It will be in the evening, and will be a lot of fun. Lana is a collector with an eye for the subtle and beautiful she is one of those people everyone knows because she has a certain Lananess that makes you want to giggle and tell secrets. She has put aside some wonderful things to sell to other collectors and art makers (after much begging from me). It will be an event not to be missed.

I have been doing a little studio clean-up myself and it has cleared room not only in my studio but inside me. It is funny how when you get rid of the clutter there is more room for creative energy. I made huge piles of things that I "saved" from old projects mostly stuff I bought too much of or will never use again. I then drove to the recycle depot in Berkeley and donated it. I came back home and felt great I had room to move and breath.

I have a heart full of new projects and I discovered some treasures I had forgotten about.

If you were stranded on an island with enough food and water but you were allowed to bring one shoebox full of art supplies what would you bring? I would bring good pencils and a good eraser, Windsor Newtons traveling watercolor kit, a fine point black pen, cold press paper, Tim Holtz scissors, twine,a small bottle of Aleenes glue (in the gold bottle) a small but fat sketch book, and a few chocolate bars (they are essential to my creativity) and a Penguin copy of Goblins Market by Christina Rossetti.

If you think about it, what ever is on your list is all you really need in your studio if it is a big room, a corner in a small room, a desk or suitcase. I think we get so busy buying, collecting, and thinking of things we will someday make that we forget to just sit and play with what we already have.

Get Rid of a little clutter, explore your playground and Make Art=Be Happy!