Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Merry Everything!

Happy Winter Holiday Everyone!

It has been a little bit busy here at Tangerine, so busy in fact that I did not notice that the Tangerine website was down (Thank you Sarah Logan for the heads up!)
The good new is that I was able to get the site back up today. Updates will have to wait until I am back from vacation but there many new classes coming!!!!

Thank you to all the great customers who have come in to bring me treats and visit. This store is all about people, creativity, and friendships. I love it that almost everyday I get to hang-out with customers who have fast become good friends. I love my job...well, maybe I don't love the book keeping, the paperwork and the boring stuff but I sure love having this groovy little hang-out and all the people who hang out with me.

Thank you Lana and Kerri for your generosity, friendship, good advice, silliness, and permission to always be my true self.

I am planning a spring retreat in Corning California where my very good friends have a beautiful Olive farm. It will be rowdy event, just girls, good wine, art making, olive tour and tasting, and gourmet cooking in the field kitchen. If you are interested in the event I am building a list. I will have the dates for you in February.

New classes:

Julee Herrmann will be teaching more soldering, she just did the most amazing orny class, oh they were soooo pretty. She has new projects lined up.

Iva Wilcox will do something fun, she always does, hopefully another bee's wax project.

I am crossing my fingers that Collen Moody will teach another workshop this year, they are always a full house.

We have two wonderful women who will be teaching mosaic, I can't wait.

I will have two more paper clay classes; a doll making workshop and a figurine workshop.

I will also be teaching a basic acrylic class soon. I have a new contract with Golden and I can't wait to get started on some painting projects.

Buttons! Tangerine will host a mini-workshop/play date, everyone brings ten images they would like to turn into little 1 inch buttons. It will be a no cost workshop.

Mini art quilts...ever wanted to try but thought you couldn't sew? We will be working with found objects, fabric, fabric dyes and the dreaded sewing machine. Time to get brave and dust of that machine that has been sitting for years.

I have three beautiful kilns and when the weather warms up a bit I will be giving a ceramic vessel class.

Our second junk jewelry class where we will make some new stuff out of old stuff.

One more journal making day.

and a partridge in a pear tree.

The store will be open while I am gone, My dear friend Sawsan will hold down the fort. I will be back on the 29Th and get class times and dates posted for you.

Have a beautiful holiday season enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Make Art=Be Happy

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh We got Demengted!

For those of you who were a part of the three days of Michael Demeng I just want to say thank you! It was wonderful watching you all work, looking at all your buckets of cool stuff and just having all your wonderful art energy here at Tangerine.

It was painty, stinky, gluey, crusty, rusty, naily, junkie, amazing, amazing, amazing...

We had a guest artist and instructor Michael Demeng here for three whole days of art making and it was a blast. He is a sweet and talented man, patient, kind, adorable, funny and he has a great MP3 collection. We had artist that traveled from far and not so far to be here and play and the vibe was buzzy and inspiring.

Tracy Bautista showed up for a visit and we may have talked her into teaching a workshop or exciting!

It is almost time for me to get Christmas ornaments up and I am looking for the right little tree to hang from the ceiling. Next week we should have a little winter in the store.

New Mags just arrived last week and the Where Women Create is beautiful and makes me want to clean and organize my studio.

Ms.Julee Herrman has a list that is getting quite long of people who would like to get their solder on. If you wanna be on it come by or give me a call. I will be posting the dates for her classes soon.

This Saturday we are doing Paper Clay Dolls! We have two spots left.

Hate to make it short and sweet but I have a dozen little snowmen who are all naked and need little hats and scarves.

Make Art=Be Happy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Economy and art angels...

It was blue week. I'm not sure why, I just started feeling the weight of things to come. Not real things just possible things, and not good possible things. I turn on the TV, the radio, open my home page and I feel hit with such doom and gloom, i thought I could hear the thunder

Artists are hit hardest by the economy. We rely on our patrons and if they are not doing well, we are not doing well. Lucky for us we are creative souls and we are use to rolling with what ever comes our way, we know how to budget, save, and turn hidden ideas into new opportunities.

I guess I was feeling bummed for my art friends who are once again weathering hard times, worrying about my small business friends who are struggling, and wondering "what ifs" about Tangerine.

In the middle of all this "Blueness" friends arrive, artists friends, it was like I sent out some kind of telepathic SOS and they just came, I am lucky that way.

Yesterday Stephanie Jordan and Julee Herrmann arrived all Thai food and smiles. We had an incredible afternoon and they turned my gloom into laughter, ideas, and renewed hope. If you have had the opportunity to be in the company of creative woman you will know what I am talking about.

We talked about all our woes and issues but mostly we talked about gratitude; lucky that we have the lives we do, happy to know that better times are just around the corner, and honestly seeing that it isn't about light being at the end of a tunnel, it is more about choosing to stand under a cloud when there is light all around you.

This week gave birth to new ideas once I chose to move myself two inches to the left where the sun was always shining.

1. Artist play dates: I have talked about it but I am ready to put it into action.
I will be posting dates on the calender at A great
opportunity to learn some new techniques in a casual setting, not rules, all play.

2. Art Therapy: This is close to my heart and needs a place on the calender.
Once a month we will meet, share some yummy treats, work on "Stuck" projects,
bring art and ideas to share and for critique. We may have guest speakers, swap
art supplies but mostly we will be sharing ourselves, our ideas, our support and
keeping our art community strong.

3. Bring back the workshops. I have had far to many emails and phone calls. I
gotta bring em back! I will be contacting instructors next week, if you are a new
instructor with some great ideas drop me an email.

There is exactly one space left in Micheal Demengs Class next week it will be gone in a blink of an eye, if you want it give me a call. 925-548-8447 or drop an email to

Thank you art angels (Iva, Lana, Stephanie, Julee)

Make Art= Be Happy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost a year!

Holy cow can you believe it! October will be one whole year Tangerine has been open.

It has been a little quiet this month, it is that time of year, a little time to get organized and ready for the holidays. The temperature dropped today from 102 to 68 degrees, it seems fall is really on the way now and it makes me want to make soup, wear knee socks, and start making Christmas decorations for the store!

Michael Demeng will be here on the 18,19, and 29th of October we still have a few more spaces left for one day classes, if you are interested now is the time before get a final head count and close the class.

Iva Wilcox was here today and we talked about a Christmas workshop she would like to teach, keep an eye out for that under workshops.

Paper clay dolls, Jeweled Alters, and a Big Wing class are also coming up, I am very excited about these. Hopefully we can get them scheduled before Christmas so we can make some awesome gifts for people we like!

Ballet shoe project is being extended so no worries for those of you who thought you had to be done by November. I will update you with a new finish date. It seems many of us have Christmas shows that need to our attention.If you are in Berkeley and would love a special treat make your way over to College Avenue and try Ici...the lovliest ice, super-delicious, most wonderful, makes-my-knees-weak place for ice cream and sweet treats. Don't be intimidated by the line, it is worth the wait I promise. I love the malted banana on that long sleek handmade cone... I think I may have drooled on the keyboard.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh it was so tinsely!!!!

Iva Wilcox did an amazing job with this years Tinsel and Treasures. Once again we had visitors from far and wide and a long line waiting to get in. The beauty of this show (and it is the only show I will do) is the women Iva collects, they are talented, fun, exciting, interesting, and professional.

The night before the show the hostess with the mostess Colleen Moody opened up her lovely home to all the artists. She set an amazing table under the stars and fed us until we burst open. The night was all about laughter, unforgettable.

My favorite at the show this year was Sue Bartolucci (The Napa queeen) This woman is a powerhouse. She not only runs a beautiful winery but she makes time to create rockin art. Her work is fun and whimsical but I find that many people miss a whole layer of what it is she is doing.

Each piece she makes tells a story, the images are real people and she tells a story about them using found objects and terrible puns. There is something deep and haunting about her work, her fascination with the past, and human behavior. Sue stands out. She will be doing Napa open studios this year, if you are around her studio and work are worth checking out.

It has been a little quiet at the Tangerine this week. It is a nice break for me but I miss all the visitors. I am always grateful for Stephanie Jordans regular weekly visit, she lights up a room with her laughter and stories. I am prepping for the busy time and scratching my head trying to figure Christmas out. I want to fill a little tree with handmade decorations that can be enjoyed year round. There is nothing more frustrating than having to pack up something you enjoy looking at, and nothing sadder than Christmas hanging around all year.

There are some new goodies coming for art makers, and some really sweet kits for gift giving called Into the Forest. Little pillow packs full of German yummies for making little stuff.

The jewelry making class on the 20Th has been rescheduled. Noah has had a virus and needs his mommy home to love him up. I will get the new date out ASAP. This is going to be a super great class.

Michael Demeng will be here next month and we had a cancellation ( a baby that will be here a little earlier than planned) which leaves a spot open on all three days. If you are interested call soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Stuff!

Oh it has been a busy and warm week at Tangerine...

I went to the San Francisco International Gift Fair last and had a fantastic time. Tangerine is all about real things made by real people and I met some real and wonderful people a whole group of them that traveled to the show from Oregon. Hard working young families determined to live a quality life on their own terms. They care about families, the environment, and products that mean something.

One of the companies I was very impressed with was Woolly Hood Winks. They have a sweet children's book and a line of simple animals that you can imagine a child loving and keeping forever. The company started small, the owners hand sewing each piece one by one.

When they had to meet larger quantities they choose to look here in the United States for an organization that could help support the demand. They found a woman's Co-op that was founded to help low income women with children. The organization takes women with sewing skills, pays them a fair wage and offers on site day care at a very low cost.

This is a great product made by moms for a company that cares. I can't wait for my big brown box to be delivered!

I bought the uberest kids T-shirts from a couple who are funny, smart and pushing through this recession by sticking with great product and awesome customer service. They do all the design and printing themselves and their work is superb.

There are other goodies on a truck someplace making their way here. The store is getting another small nip and tuck to make room for the new products. It is looking even sweeter than before.

Two shows I would like to promote:

Tinsel and Treasures

Iva Wilcox is producing this annual event. Last year was lovely and I had a great time. This year there a few more A-list artists; Sylvia Anderson, Susan Bartolucci, Ceal Bialobrzeski, Sally Case, Anna Corba, Dee Foust, Charlene Geiger, Marcia Harmon.Ulla Millbrath, Colleen Moddy, Donna O'Brien, Melissa Valeriote, Iva Wilcox, and me!

The even will be On Saturday September 12 from 9-2 (doors will close at two so be sure to get there early) This year it is being held at the Alamo Women's Club @ 1401 Danville Blvd in Alamo.

This is a small, intimate show with spectacular goodies. or call 925-451-7805.

Also in September Red Carpet Crafts is putting on the Ritz In Dutch Flat on September 25,26,and 27th. This is an opportunity to take some fun workshops, do a little shopping and be a part of a film being made that weekend. If you want more information or to make a reservation call 530-220-4103.

Summer is wrapping up so quickly and I have hardly had enough Popsicles, sprinklers or mosquito bites. Don't let it slip away easily take these next two weeks to rock your summer; pitch a tent in the backyard and make breakfast on the grill, Make hot cocoa and count stars, make a jello-pie with a buttery graham cracker crust and real berries, got for a long walk under a setting sun.

September is when Fall begins, kids go back to school and summer starts to fade into cold nights, leaves falling and big meals spent with family. It is a beautiful season and I am thinking of some wonderful ways to celebrate it. I know a sweeeet girl who can bake like no ones business and rumor has it that she may be opening her own cupcakery...maybe we can get her to make us a some fall treats for a Cupcake Saturday.

Three spots left in Michael Demengs class Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

If you are registered for any of the August workshops with me:

18th: Deconstructing the narrative
28th: Getting over the water color hump

You need to call and confirm this week so we can get a head count.

Julie Herrmen will be offering a special beginning solder class on September 26th, this will be a great opportunity for all of you who have always wanted to try but have been putting it off, it is also a good time to start some Christmas charms. Julee is an easy, happy, enthusiastic and good instructor.

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Challenge!!!

As promised the first Challenge.

These simple little dance slippers evoke images for me of being a little girl and reading the little mermaid. Anderson's little mermaid dances on glass, an exchange for legs, feet and love. I see her dancing in pink toes shoes that are speckled with blood, as she endures the pain of her choice, tears and first kisses mingle together.

I was a strange and dark little girl, no ballerina dreams for me.

Last week I came across some beautiful toe shoes that came from a dance school that used them for many years before retiring them. They are tattered, well loved, and some have the names of dancers written inside. I also found cotton, sheepskin pockets, and tape meant to protect little toes. They hold the history of hundreds of dances, like the little mermaid the pain endured was a willing exchange for the pleasure of a performance under beautiful lights with loved ones looking on as the performer revealed her soul.

I know we all have a story, a memory or a dream that ballet slippers bring to the surface. My challenge to those of you who wish to participate will be to transform these slippers into a work of art that reveals a little bit of your soul. If you are not a three dimensional artist feel free to paint, collage, sketch, or draw.

I have a limited number of slippers I would love to share with those of you who wish to use them in your art. You can pick them up at Tangerine, just send me an email to reserve a pair.

There are no rules, there are no limitations.

The deadline will be October 1st so you have plenty of time. I will announce the opening date for the show as we near the deadline. All projects will be photographed and displayed on the website and blog with full credit to each artist.

There will be a small 10.00 to participate. Artists will be responsible for dropping artwork off, or having delivered to Tangerine.

Our opening will be for artists, family and friends. Ribbons will be awarded, and refreshments will be available.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hangin out at the T

It has been a wild and wonderful week at Tangerine. One of the things I love most about this shop is all the visiting. I have the handful of terrific customers (and you know who you are) that I can count on to visit once a week. I love sitting at the table listening to news about art, families, and silly gossip. Nothing brightens a day like good friends.

This week I had a lot more email and a few more visitors than usual. It seems there is some worry about my decision to not host classes like I have in the past. I would like to take the opportunity to alleviate any worries.

A. I will still host some special workshops.
B. Yes, I will still teach the Jewelry Class.
C. Yes, Michael Demeng will still be here in October!
D. Tangerine is doing well, I am not going anywhere, and the decision to stop doing
so many classes was to free up time to bring other events to the shop.
E. The new changes will be about new merchandise and a space that is even more fun.
F. Everything is Great, Promise!!!

I feel blessed to have so many people who love the shop and who are so concerned. Sarah (my SIL) said to me "You don't wait for things to get difficult before you make changes, the best time to make them are when things are going well" I am staying a step ahead and always thinking about how to keep us all inspired. There are many teaching venues and many instructors are teaching home workshops that are actually quite wonderful and can be a fun way to share a day with friends.

If you have not registered for Michael's workshops you need to call or email and get that done. I have a list of people who asked for me to save space and I am happy to do it but as we get closer I will need your deposit to save the space. I want to make sure everyone who has been waiting is able to take a class with him.

There will be some informal play dates at Tangerine if you would like to be on the list drop me an email that includes you phone number.

I am working on a video series if you are an artist that might be interested in being a guest drop me an email.

I promise to do some website updating soon. Thank you to those who have sent studio photos, they are beautiful and I am hoping to get them posted in a month or two.

There is plenty of news out there, plenty of sad stories, plenty of worries. It has historically been times like these that inspire artists. It is our job to lift people up, to help them see the beautiful that still surrounds us, it is the creative soul that knows that there is always more light than there is dark.

Make Art= Be Happy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I just informally announced to a few people yesterday that I would not be focusing on classes at Tangerine. I love having the shop full of creative people, laughter, and community but I have found that it takes a lot of work to to keep that big wheel turning; web-site updates, scheduling, blogging, emails, phone calls, prep, registration, paperwork, extra hours at the shop, days off lost. This is a one girl show.

There are also so many shops that surround us that are offering classes. It feels like the need will be met. I will still be teaching a few classes and I will host exclusive workshops taught by traveling artists. I would really like to refocus some energy on finishing the book, keeping the shop fresh and fun, and doing regular art challenges and openings.

Art Challenges and openings you say? Oh yes, it has been on my mind for a while and I would really like to get it started. Here is how it goes...

Every couple months I am going to mass email the challenge to all of you (if I don't have your email address you need to send it to me) I will also post the Challenge to the website and the blog.

I will let you know what I need, when I need it and when we plan to show it to the world.

All work submitted will be shown at Tangerine on opening night. Photos, links and artist information will be available on the website. Art be blogged about, talked about, and available for purchase. Opening night will be at Tangerine will be an exciting event.

There is nothing like a room full of art that you can see and touch. I feel the challenges will help artists reach a little farther, express themselves in new and different ways, and inspire each other.

If you would like more information or bummed about the classes shoot me an email. If you have chocolate cake you better visit!

Michael Demeng will still be here in October, if you haven't registered yet you might want to, we have a few three day spots left and a handful of classes. He will be teaching:

Holy Rolling Hot Wheels. In this class you will be radically modifying this little iconic toy. I have seen some samples and they are mind blowing (The above photos are a few examples). At the end of the workshop there will be a race, yep a race tracks and all. The winner will receive one of Michael's creations. How cool is that?

Island of Demented Toys, one of Michael's more famous workshops. I am not sure how to explain it other than to say your imagination will be pushed to it's limits. Students will learn techniques that will change the way they work forever. Anyone who has ever taken this workshop leaves inspired, a head heavy with new ideas.

What a relief, a three dimensional piece using Michael's techniques again. He will guide you through a post-modern journey where parts and pieces, this and that, rusty and strange, turn into a new breathtaking object of art.

To learn about Michael and to see some of his fabulous pieces check him out at

Registration is easy. You send a deposit to Tangerine (to be held until class, then applied to your balance) I will send you a confirmation letter, and and information packet. Viola, in October we will meet for three days spraying, gluing, melting, cutting, painting, bending, nailing, assembling and getting messy.

Go to
For dates, times, and where to send the check.

I hope you are all enjoying these long summer days. Be sure to break out of that studio and swim, ride a bike, have a pic-nic. As artists we tend to hide-away, work too hard, and grow pale. Art is about life and life needs to be lived to make art. Get outside, get inspired, let your cheeks turn red, eat ice cream!

Make Art=Be Happy

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh my goodness do I have a lot of new and wonderful magazines. For those of you who have been waiting they are here (Stuffed, Handcrafted, Studio, Life) For those of you who have been looking you search is over. I carry almost all of Stampingtons magazines and they are all here in one location!

Summer is starting to heat up and it is time for outdoor cooking, swimming pools, and lots of watermelon spitting contests. I love summer. There will be a few days that the shop will be closed so that I can spend some time with Noah the prince of boys. I have promised him some Lake days and a camping trip. This shop has always been about friends, neighbors, family and community. Nothing is more important than spending time with a nine year old.

There are a few small but good changes coming soon that I am excited about, I am going to keep them secret for just a little while longer but they will be worth the wait.

I know I am not alone when I say that there is nothing like a copy of Where Women Create, a bubble bath, and a piece of chocolate cake. I love taking a peek into those beautiful studios I drool and dream of a perfect studio with great lighting and treasures in all the right places. Many of my good friends have been featured so it makes it extra exciting to see what they have created in print.

I also have a few friends who have studios that are just as important and just as beautiful in their own way. Not all of us have lofts, barns, spare rooms, or even garages that can be done over. Many of us have carved out a corner somewhere in the house or simply use the dining room table. One person I know uses her laundry room as a workspace, she has a plywood "Table" she sets up on the washer and dryer when she is working. It is the prettiest laundry room I have ever seen! Another friend uses her guest bathroom as a darkroom. It smells like chemicals and there are clothes lines everywhere with prints hanging to dry (yes some people are still photo purists and I love them).

I want to celebrate the women who may not have color coordinated chase lounge for lounging with a sketch pad or a wall full of windows that face a garden. I want to celebrate women who find a ways to create no matter where they are no matter what they have.

Send me your studio pix, even if that means it's a suitcase full of craft supplies, or a two drawers in the linen closet. Beauty and good ideas can be found in the most unexpected places. Tell me a little bit about your space and what you do and I will post them on a special page on the website

Make some iced-tea, find a drippy ice cream cone and enjoy this wonderful season.

Make Art=Be Happy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The lovely Lisa Guerin stopped by last night. I opened the shop up for her so we could have a little play date. Paper is Lisa's second skin, scissors a fifth appendage. We had a very nice time sitting around making stuff and chatting. I got a sneak peek at her proofs for WWC. Her studio is bright, simple, organized and inviting. I get a little jealous when I see such tidy work spaces!

It has been a little quiet at Tangerine, school is getting out, there are graduations, summer camps to prep for etc. The down time has given me an opportunity to think of some new idea's make some cute birdies and play a little.

I have all these new Stampington magazines to read and I can't wait to dig in.

Michael Demengs classes are starting to fill up, October is too far away! I bought a case of old doll parts that I just finished sorting and will be putting out in the shop. I have all kinds of creepy ideas for the Demented toys class; big heads, small bodies and arms that are different sizes, maybe wheels for legs and eyes that do more than just blink.

I am dieting and that makes me grouchy but many of you understand the middle aged muffin top dilemma most of us face at some point in our life. I have chosen Sparkpeople an online diet plan, support group, one stop everything. I love it. It is a networking sight for people who are trying to take back healthy bodies by eating well and moving around a little more. The tools are free, simple, and eye opening. I am at day three.

I don't need to live to be 100 but I would like the years I have here to be healthy and productive. I don't believe in lose it quick scams, diet drugs, or anything that turns your life upside down. It is easy to make a few better choices, go for a walk a couple days a week, and drink more water.

As artists we do a whole lot of sitting and snacking. Getting outside, walking, and clearing your head improves creativity and helps prevent all that stiffness we get from working hunched over our workbench all day.

I don't need to look like Barbie but I do need a healthy heart and a Strong body.

I may be eliminating the candy in the store. I know, I know, it is wonderful but I could use that space to stock up on some really cute stuff, and great ephemera. I may have a big fat candy sale!

Lisa Guerins motto is "Think good thoughts" How can go wrong doing that! So think good thoughts, Make art, be happy, get outside today and take in the color all around you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

All that Hot Air!

Thought I would let you see what Iva's class will be making on June 27th!

These are a few of the lovely hardworking ladies who were in Iva's Private workshop, they rocked the place apart! It was a great day.

This is going to be a terrific workshop, there are a few spaces left.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

marbelizing paper and veggie beds...

Poo-on-a-stick I just couldn't wait until next week so I have all my marbleizing supplies out and I am going to do a dozen sheets and see how they look. This is way too much fun to be calling "work"

Lisa Guerin just sent me her class samples and they are beautiful. Little altered journal covers using all the good stuff we hoarders collect. Lisa has a beautiful eye for composition. she will be here on the 15Th, her classes are always fun and productive.

I am putting together a few play dates this summer. These are not workshops and there is no class fee. It is simply a group of creative people getting together sharing ideas, eating treats and re-connecting with real live people outside of their studios.

1.Marbleizing Paper
2.Sewing little stuff
3.Binding and upcycling old the old paper stash.

If you are interested give me a call or shoot me an email.

It isn't too late to put in a little veggie garden. It doesn't have to feed the planet but there is nothing better than a meal prepared with something you grew yourself.

If space is an issue try a small raised bed or containers. I once grew the most obscene tomato's from a ceramic pot on a patio.

A good friend of mine does community gardening. She has a friend in town with a descent space for a garden. They created a small group and they tend the soil, plant, water and harvest together.

Most kids think food comes from the grocery store. Introduce them to seeds and seedlings. When I need an herb or a green I send my little guy out to the back yard, he loves it.

I have three raised beds. They are very small and a big change from the huge gardens I use to have. I don't have as much time and passion for it as I use to but I can not go a whole summer without something edible growing in my yard. Our yard has a little more cement than it use to, a trampoline, a little outbuilding and other stuff that eats up an already small space. Over the years we have planted dwarf fruit trees so that we could have fresh fruit without having acreage. I have fig, cherry, apricot, apple, Asian pear, nectarine, pomegranate and two overgrown walnuts courtesy of our squirrels. They all live in my back yard and don't take up any more space than ornamental shrubs would have.

The cherries are long gone (we ate them as soon as they got a little red) The apricots and pears are firm little nubs waiting for the sun to make them big and sweet.

Don't be afraid to get outside and get dirty, run in the sprinklers or read on a blanket under a tree (even if it isn't your tree) There are a million ways to fill the creative well, explore.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Michael Demeng

Oh Yes!

Every medium has it's Rock Star and Assemblage has Michael, holy cow this guy makes art that rocks me upside down. The best part of all is he is ours for three whole days!

Senior Demeng will be stopping by Tangerine in October to teach a three day series of classes before he is of to Mexico for his fabulous Day of the Dead art fiesta. If only I could take the time off; art, mojitos, mole, and alters...oh my.

If you want in on all the fun you gotta give me a call or shoot me an email. I am taking early registration and I hope to have the classes all filled by July. I have it on good authority that he will be teaching demented toys...oh yipee!

Don't be shy, you know you wanna.

I am personally giving up my morning Starbucks (iced green tea and blueberry coffee cake) and slipping the money into my secret envelope. It is a painless way to pay for all three days. Hey if you have to tighten up the belt, do it creatively.

Next week I will be marbelizing paper if you want to play come on by.

Iva is teaching the Hot air balloon class, it is going to be a small group so you will want to get in on the action early.

Lisa Guerin is going to be here in June. She is so much fun, a great individual, a creative soul, and a real person, I just love her.

One of my favorite customers is Stephanie Jordan. She comes in at least once a week to buy grapefruit gummies and look for treasures, she's a ray of sunshine. Have you ever met someone who just knew how to make the most out of any situation? Stephanie has exchanged corporate America for a a creative life. She is brave and determined, her positive attitude is infectious. You can watch her YouTube videos for some fun and easy tips on how to use some products you may already own but havn't explored. Ms.Jordans website is

Stephanie makes art and is happy.

Summer is here! Skinny dipping, otter pops, lawn sprinklers, public pools, cut-off shorts and flip flops...divine.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Barb Saint John, bones, workshops and citrus...

Barb St John Came to Tangerine for a visit. I liked her the second I met her. She is warm, interesting, kind, creative, and just amazing! She brought an old jewel box full of treasures for me to explore.

I can imagine many people cruising by her work sure they know what is on the table but for the few people who take the time to take a second look...well, we are the lucky ones. Barbs work is smart, ironic, naughty and fun. She isn't just throwing it together, each piece is carefully planned and wonderfully joined; text, fragile bones encased in resin, sassy images, vintage rhinestones, chunky metal, clock parts, it all equals beauty.

I asked her to teach a few classes at Tangerine and she agreed to share some of her secrets with us and teach a couple jewelry making workshops. In one of them we will be making pendants with secret perfume compartments, and yes we will be making our own signature perfume to fill them with. I am pretty excited (huge Grin) about this one.

We have quite a few workshops coming up, if you are not finding them on the website then give me a call and I can fill you in. I hit a little web-site hurdle but it is being repaired and is up and running. (Please read the disclaimer about my lack of technical expertise)

It has been a slow week at Tangerine which means the universe gave me an opportunity to do the books. Ahhh numbers, lots of them, rows and rows of them all needing to be crammed into a program that does magical things with them. There aren't many things I like better except a pap smear, getting my teeth cleaned or being run over by a very big truck with mosters painted on it!

I am almost done with this horrific task and I am chomping at the bit to start making Marie dolls. Ladies in waiting: The Soire is just around the corner! I will be throwing a Marie Party/Workshop soon where we will be making Maries out of old dolls parts, wire, wool, ceramic pots and vintage fabric. I even saved some terrible lace from Paris for this party! This is going to be a messy, fun, and long workshop. If you are a doll maker, want to learn a little bit about found object sculpture or just love cake then you need to hang out with us!

New Goodies, even more Catherine Moore Stamps and an even cooler space to make stuff (Played Tetris with the store and viola, more space!)

The weather is so nice, throw on some shorts, find pomogranite blossoms, baby pears, and ripe cherries.

Make Art = Be Happy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bind It!!!

Zutters are here!

Many of you are familiar with Zutter Bind-it-all but this little chicken had no idea they existed!

I was looking for a binding solution. I love binding by hand it's beautiful but I wanted to make 20 art inspiration journals and the though of sewing all those pages made me dizzy. So I went a hunting for the perfect tool and I found it. Not only did I find it but I ordered a dozen pink ones for Tangerine.

The workshop I will be teaching this summer has a lot to do with deconstructing your story but it will have to be constructed so the binding tool is a must.

Many new workshops check out the website ( for the new stuff.

The word is out, it is official

Michael Demeng will be teaching October 18-19-20

if you would like a space in one of the classes you will need to send me an email and I will put you on the VIP list. His classes are going to fill very quickly.

I will be posting class photos here in the coming week.

Thank you to those of you who attended the ZNE convenzione workshop here at Tangerine. We had so much fun and if I didn't give the queen of ZNE my camera by accident (I think I was looking for an excuse to get together for lunch with her) the event photos would be up. As soon as I can wrangle her I promise to post the pics.

For those of you who have asked the answer is YES! the question is< " are you getting more Catherine Moore stamps?" They are on the way and the lovely Ms. Catherine is packing a big fat box of stamps as I write this post. We are keeping her busy, her stamps fly out of here!

This shop is wonderful because the people who hang out here rock it upside down.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colleen and Iva...

Last Sunday Colleen Moody taught her Jewel Box Doll class, students traveled far and wide to attend. It was a difficult day for me, an important anniversary. I had to leave the shop for a family gathering and Colleen had Tangerine for the day. A little later Iva Wilcox showed up and took over ringing everyone up.

They did all this so I could be with my family on a very sad day. I can not thank them enough. I would also like to thank all the students in class that day for the kindness they showed me. Special thanks to Tina Marie Capriotti, what a beautiful and fun woman who got the prize for longest distance traveled. She made Colleen and I the sweetest necklaces. They were little pink nests made of wire that encircled a pearl egg. She embellished them with silk leaves and pretty filament. They are as gorgeous as she is.

People who make art "Get it" I have never known such a caring group of people. I think it may be due in part to the fact that we make ourselves vulnerable by turning what is inside of us into something that can be touched. We understand that tender place in ourselves and in others.

Tangerine continues to be a tiny space with a big heart.

Today is a day to make iced green tea and sit outside with colored pencils, water colors and a fat stack of paper. Spring is all around us...

Make art=Be Happy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Show me the Munny

Good Morning everyone!

This is a Munny. Kid Robot makes these sweet vinyl toys that you can do amazing things with. They start off life as a canvas and you take them where you want them to go. Rosie O'Donnel is decorating her Munny's and selling them on her website to raise money for the school she founded.

They are an addiction. This little guy use to be white now he is a robot with an eye that lights up. He lives at Tangerine, you can come and play with him anytime you want (insert shameless marketing) You can get your own munny and other Kid Robot Goodies at Tangerine. You can also go to and check out some winning designs.

Iva has another private workshop coming up. I have to say this is a great idea and catching on. You invite some of your closest friends (who like to make stuff) give me a call, and I will connect you with an instructor, a project and some studio time. We have a bridal shower private workshop that I will be teaching, we are making paperclay wedding cake toppers. It's fun, and a little bit more entertaining than hangin at Starbucks. Well I don't need enemies so you can get your Starbucks across the street and come over to my shop and play!

Catherine Moore stamps are in again, they went fast last time and I expect they will run out of the store again. I am keeping the sword-fighters for myself!

Velvet flowers are on the way, they should be here next week.

Stampington's Marie arrived last week, there are still about six more copies left. I would also like some feedback about which of their magazines you love best. They have so many and they are not easily found, I would like to keep your faves in stock.

Well enough product placement...

I am glad to be home and I have been rethinking the idea of what a vacation really is...

In the past vacation has meant:

Finding a family friendly destination we can all agree on that isn't expensive.
Packing up the kids and half the house.
Cramming the car and boat full of stuff, food, toys, bikes, dogs, chairs, relatives...
Driving for hours.
Cooking and washing dishes outdoors.
Trying to keep the husband from losing the kids in the ocean or in the wilderness.
Trying to keep the mosquito's from eating the kids.
Trying to keep the kids from eating all the marshmallows on the first day.
Fighting with Steve at the boat ramp.
Getting sunburned through sunscreen
Packing up all the dirty stuff we didn't lose.
Driving back home.
Washing it and Putting it all away.

This is exhausting. Fun, and worth it but a lot of work. I still had to do all the things i did at home but without modern conveniences like a toilet, hot water and a bed.

When I went to France, I packed a bag, I got on a plane, they gave me champagne and orange juice. Went to the hotel, they made the beds. Went where ever I wanted and ate what I wanted, read a book, made some art, packed up my bag and came back home.

Now that is a vacation. I came home well rested, and energized.

Don't get me wrong my favorite moments in life are spent watching my kids explore, set things on fire, swim in the ocean, and sleep under the stars. But that I will have to find another name for like "Relocation" instead of "Vacation"

I think a "vacation" is in order every five years but "relocation" you only get that for a little while you have to do that as many times as you can fit into a childhood. I might come home filthy, itchy and tired but my heart is full and my kids are happy.

Hmmm fluffy duvet, hot bath, mint on my pillow or blow up mattress, sticky little people wrapped around you, and burned toast for breakfast...honestly sticky little people win every time.

This is an inspirational time of year, time to get outside. Watch the sun come up, walk in the park, eat lunch on your front lawn. Imagine you are a well and all that color, sound and imagery is filling you up.

Make art=Be happy

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I just got home, it is about four in the morning but I am still on Paris time so I am up and ready to start the day.

It was surprising to me that I did not have more access by computer. I really wanted to document the trip a little more, and a lot better.

Tonight I will down load the photos and try to scan the postcards.

If you have been trying to call please try again, the business line is open.
I am a little out of the loop but I will find my legs quickly and get new classes up. There will be a few changes regarding registration that will help smooth the process for students and instructors.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while this last month...and those of you who stopped by to check in.

Tangerine will be open today and tomorrow for limited hours but we will back to our normal schedule on Tuesday the 14th.

Remember that Tangerine is a one woman show, that means I wear many hats. If you arrive during regular store hours and find the door locked simply call the number on the door (925)548-8447. I may simply be in the studio, preparing a class, or out back accepting a delivery. I will be more than happy to hop up front and open the door for you.

Tangerine is proud to be part of CONVENZIONE 2009! Please check it out, there are still opportunities to register and some sweet options if you just want to come to a few of the events. Go to for more details.

It is so nice to be back, this is going to be a super creative spring.


Friday, April 3, 2009

I am crossing my fingers that this works. The connection I have is not very reliable. I am in Paris, in my little apartment on St. Germain Du Pres a very fancy and busy street in the middle of everything.

I am home on a Friday night because my feet are killing me, I walked myself silly all day. Tomorrow the markets open so I will be shopping for things to bring back to Tangerine. The week long markets d0 not open until summer so I only have two days to make purchases.

I did find a small antique store were I bought bit of this and that and paid way too much but I couldn't resist, I needed all that French text and little books. I fell in love with a little basket of class salt shakers that must have been buried at some point.

It isn't easy to post photos from here but I will give it my best shot, apologies up front if it doesn't work.

I would write all about the days here in this magical city but it would go on and on and on...

I have eaten more, cheese, butter, bread, and deserts this week than I have in my entire life. I may need two seats on the airplane home.

As much as I love it here I miss home, Paris has the Paris thing but the East Bay has it's own thing too. I havn't seen much art that comes close to anything we are doing at home, I have talked to a few people who love mixed medium work and who love "Scatchet bookine" We are a very popular nation here. So many people want to talk about Obama...

I said a prayer and lit a candle for Stevie and Brianna at was lovely.

Well I better load up some photos and get myself to bed so I can be an early market-girl and find all of you some fantastic treasures.

I will be back on the 9th and I will do my best to have the store open in the next day or so depending on jet-lag. Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

Bon Nuit

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm in France having an enchanting time.

There is so much to see, do, and eat!

This is the first internet connection I have had since arriving and it is terribly expensive so I won't be able to write all that I wanted to. I have been keeping a log in my computer notebook that I will try to download.

Here are some photo's, enjoy!

France Day 2

I am in France! I am in a brassiere in Chignon called Café Des Artes early in the evening writing without an internet connection. The rest of the world isn’t quite as connected as we are in the States yet. There are special places you can go to purchase some on-line time but not in this little town. I will just have to transfer all the data latThis very moment I am sitting at the foot of a large hill in a small medieval town, looming above me is a beautiful fortress where Joan of Arc came to ask king Charles for armies in 1429. I actually stood in the same tower where she lived and prayed while she was here. I climbed the same steps that kings and knights took everyday , I stood over the Loire and gazed out at the forest and the river and tried to imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago…it was breathtaking.

I also made a visit to the chapel of St.Michel at the Abby Fonteveroux where I lit a candle for Stevie under a beautiful statue of Mary. France is interesting but a little sleepy off-season. It is cold and windy but the sun breaks through every now and then and you can get a peak at how beautiful it must be in full spring and summer. The Loire is green and the Chignon sits right in front of it where people must have washed clothes and passed through in small boat.
It's almost dinner time but I had such a late and heavy lunch I can’t imagine eating again, in real life you would never hear me say such a thing. I love to eat and I love food but France has taken me to a whole new gastronomic level; I can’t imagine going back home and eating the same way again. I feel like I have not stopped eating since I boarded the plane and the food has been unlike anything I have ever experienced. What should be fresh is very fresh, the bread is light and crunchy, the soups are hot and creamy, even my little sandwich was simple but divine; a baguette filled with butter and Swiss cheese. Everything I have eaten has been delicious.

I arrived yesterday in the afternoon. I had to take a train to Tours to rent a car. It was a little confusing and the “Fast train” was a little disappointing, it seems they are trying to modernize the rail system so the train is going at regular speed at the moment. So far I have been able to cruise without any French, I am understanding a little more than I thought I would especially if it is in writing . Finding the Hertz rental car was a little difficult, it was hiding on a crooked street about a half mile from the train station.

I spent the night in a small hotel Le Moulin Fleuri in Veigne - Mont Bazon where dinner came with the room. I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be a feast of many courses each even more wonderful than the next. The first thing that arrived at the table was a creamy carrot soup topped with light whipped butter and chives. Then there was a larger soup that was dark and hearty loaded with sweet onions, a thick slice of toast and cheese. Because I am a vegetatarian the chef made me a special plate that was a work of art; roasted parsnips, broccoli, tomato, carrots and arugula. I was about to burst at this point but they kept bringing more courses. Next was a salad with a cheese assortment. The cheese tray was wheeled to the table where you chose five of your favorites of goat or milk cheese. They were pungent and tasted like heaven mixed with the salad greens. After all of that wonderful dinner came desert which started with a plate full of tiny tarts, cookies, and chocolates and ended with a tall beautiful mint green pistachio soufflé.

I went to bed bursting and blissful. The room was basic, no frills a little stinky because smoking still happens in public places here. Outside my window was a very large pond with a crumbling stone bridge that crossed over to a small forest. The park in front of the property was littered with tiny stone benches and bulbs that were beginning to open.

I can’t seem to call home on my cell even though the phone company promised it wouldn’t be a problem, texting seems to work and receiving calls isn’t a problem which leads me to believe it is operator error, the operator being me. I’ll figure it out.

Noah sent me off with a tearful good--bye and his oldest toy “Max” who happens to be a pretty hunky action figure who has lost his shoes and pants over the years but has kept his muscles and thick hair. I have been taking photos of max in silly locations and sending them to Steve’s Palm for Noah. I miss my little guy already, I am too far away from him.

Tomorrow I will rise early and find a nice breakfast and hopefully have a little more time to write then off to explore more of the Loire Valley and maybe head south to Provance before heading back to Paris for the rest of my stay here.

Oh I almost forgot I met a lovely shop owner who has her own version of Tangerine. She sells art supplies and loves paper from the States. She knows who Tim Holts is! She said that mixed media collage is just making it’s way here and she is very excited. I showed her some photo’s of my shop that were saved on my camera and she loved them. I bought a paint brush and small bottles of ink from her.

It has been a long day but a good one.

France Day 3

Not sure where to go but I think we are going to explore. Sarah would like to go to Burgundy…this is wine country. We will be traveling all day by car but it should be worth it. Our idea was to travel to the southern most part of France but it is over 980 more miles by car and the weather is cold and rainy. The coast will be even colder so we are going to check out the country where wine is made. Sarah loves wine, I love small villages so it should be fine.

I still haven’t made any purchases for the store but I am hoping to stop at shops and maybe find some outdoor markets on the way back to Paris.

am tired this morning, I think my body is still adjusting to the time difference. In real life it would be about three in the morning, here now it is ten am and I have just stuffed myself full of bread and hot chocolate. Sarah went for an early morning run and is in the process of showering and getting pretty.

I am downstairs in the Brassiere, our tiny hotel room is upstairs, it is sherbet colored with low beds covered in brown blankets. The coolest part of the room is the big windows that open up over the shops downstairs. We can see the boucherie and the Arts de la Table. The woman who owns the shop is very cute with cropped salt and pepper hair, and thick black framed glasses. She wears dark blue jeans and sweaters, she is very French, adorable.

There are teenagers in the bar this morning, they got up early to drink beer, smoke and be loud and silly. The girls are dressed in short, short skirts and black tights. They are wearing high shoes, sorry but I think they look silly, a little post 80’s mixed up. The boys have messy vampire hair (twilight). They seem happy, and they are having a good time, ahhhh to be that young and in France.

I have all kinds of wonderful idea’s for the shop. The wonderful thing is that my shop is very close to what is going on here, eclectic and colorful. I think I could use less clutter, the ribbon wall must come down I may wrap all the ribbon on tag shaped chip board and hang them in bunches on the mannequin. I think I need more stationary and a few more art supplies that are a bit unusual. My gut instinct is to phase out some of the children’s art supplies and gift packs to make room for a bit more ephemera and hand made gifts.

Ingrid taught me how to say “Butter, Butter, and more Butter “ before I left to France. I figured I had to find a way to connect, I was so sure they would kick me out for not eating meat, drinking wine or liking goat cheese. So far they seem to appreciate my love of butter, bread, milk cheese and chocolate, not a bad way to live.


Sarah and I drove to Veselay in Burgundy. It was a four hour drive but beautiful all the way. This is farm country, specifically grapes. It was green for as far as the eye can see, neat planted stands of trees, where ever a tree was cut down a new one was planted and the most organized wood piles stood next to houses waiting to be burned for heat. There are some modern houses but for the most part the houses are old and made from stone. Every house is shuttered no matter what age it is. There are no window or door screens and every window has a box full of flowers, mostly pansies and rosemary this time of year.

The roads are long and winding and when you least expect it a hamlet or small village will pop up on both sides of the road, each has an old church, a patisserie, and the prerequisite old men with red noses who walk slow carrying a bag (with what else?)a baguette poking out from it. I was told that men in France love older women and I have figured out the reason , it is because they are almost hundred themselves. I haven’t seem many young men nor many attractive men. It is off season so only the locals are around and they are pretty friendly but they are mostly older.
We have had to stop many people to ask for directions and so far they have all been helpful. Almost everyone speaks at least a little English which is great because I still don’t speak any French accept for the occasional Bon Jour and Pardon….sigh I am a lousy American oops I mean Canadian...

I am wondering what it ‘s going to be like in Paris away from all these farm houses and ruins…Will it be overwhelming? Oh I hope I love it.. Tonight I feel a little home-sick. I miss Noah so much. I know Aly is glad to have me out of her hair but I miss her too. I miss Stevie the most. I know she is always with me but I am far away from her bed, her clothes, the house that I spent so much of her life with her at. This is probably good for me but it doesn’t feel good, it feels sad.
I am going into a great big cathedral at sunrise tomorrow morning. I’ll bring my journal and some art supplies. I want to sit and be alone with all that history and all my history. I feel a connection to this place, it feels very familiar. I look like many people here even though my heritage is not French. I could live here easily, I bet everyone who visits thinks that…It doesn’t feel foreign to me it feels like I have lived here before, it isn’t an overwhelming feeling just an easy comfort.

Tonight I had dinner in a small restraunt owned by a husband and wife. It was a tiny place nestled in a big stone building. It had cream colored walls, windows with big fat wooden sashes that opened out to the street. The lamps that hung from the ceiling looked like tiffany and gave off the prettiest amber glow. The floors were tile and all the tables were simple and made from dark wood. It was elegant but comfortable.

The meal for me was vegetarian I started with bread and butter, then had the official Onion Soup. They brought me a plate of steamed vegetables that sat on a puddle of sauce that was made with cream and herbs. My cheese selection was milk cheese as usual, just the smell of the goat cheese trolley was sending me over the edge. I nibbled the cheese and felt guilty for wasting artisan cheese but I just can’t seem to appreciate aromatic cheese on it’s own. My desert was the yummiest slice of cake, it was bitter chocolate, dense, and warm. It was topped with a small scoop of freshly made pistachio ice-cream and a delicate chocolate lace. Sprinkled all around the plate was cardamom and candied pistachio. I ate every last itty bitty crumb to make up for the cheese.

Now I am back in my room which is on the very top floor of an old château. This place is hundreds of years old and made of stone and huge wooden beams that must weigh thousands of pounds. My room has one tiny shuttered window that has a view of the village below and the cathedral. The cielings are vaulted and uplit, there is a small loft over the beds where beams intersect. The floors are made of thick wood planks that smell like linseed oil. The wall by the window has been plastered and is painted a pretty aqua. The rest of the walls are exposed stone.

This room feels like a writer once lived here, I can’t explain it but I can see him sitting at an old desk by the window. He has long thin hair tied back, he is wearing a thick white shirt that is hand-sewn. His hands are ink stained and he has his meals up here. He has lived in France his whole life so the beautiful scene outside the window is too familiar to him , he has dreams of other places that he has never seen but can imagine clearly. Maybe he is writing about a woman who sits in a bed in this very room, who comes from far away and is writing about this place.

This trip is almost perfect but I am missing my best person.

Well it is very late and I am getting sleepy, I had a nice hot bath tonight in a great big tub in our room, I am sure that tub wasn’t here a hundred years ago but I am sure glad it is here now. The wind is blowing outside and I can hear the rain coming down…tomorrow another new adventure, we will visit a small town and abbey where they filmed Chocolat.

Bon nuit

Another day in France...

I got up early and spoke to Paul or Host and asked him about our chambre. He told me that a famouse french writer once lived there a very long time ago. Cool.

I spent the morning in the Bascillica in Verasay. I was there until my toes and bottom got cold and numb. The place is an architectual wonder. I wrote in my journal, prayed and lit a candle for Stevie.

Sarah and I headed out to explore more of Burgundy. The green country side, and the winding road are dreamy. We did all the site seeing our book told us to do and we also took some back roads to explore, feed ponies and see things many people don't.

We ended the day in Semur an ancient town. Our room is very modern and very different from the other places we have stayed at so far. There are big fat douvets on the beds, a giant bathtub, class tiles and Ikea-esque reading lamps, very strange because I can see an ancient crumbling keep from my window.

Dinner tonight was a salad made with lettuce, tomato, smoked salmon, and a dijon dressing. we had a huge basket of bread and Crepes with chocolate sauce. We stayed late talking and drinking fruity wine. Our bill was shocking...everything is yummy here but the price tag can be shocking.

Still no goodies for Tangerine, we keep missing the open air market days. I am not leaving here without old paper, trim, and trinkets!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


It is a wonderful day, there is a big St.Patricks day parade right outside Tangerine at this very moment. It is an annual event for Dublin and one of the sweetest parades I have ever been to. The whole town is outside sitting in lawn chairs, wrapped in fuzzy blankets while old model T's and fancy convertibles drive slowly by carrying the Mayor and the Citizen of the year. The sound of marching band always makes me cry, it is silly really but it is just so beautiful.

Mike Jennings is giving his Dynamic digital collage workshop today. This is a much anticipated class for those who really want to learn how to rock Photoshop. This is a one day intensive and Mike is a pro. He is the perfect combination of artist and Geek, a Geekist or a is a long class but it is well worth it. There will be Thai lunch break mid-way then back to work.

If you want to check out some really cool and unusual supplies you have to visit Shoshanna Jenning's Hannah-Grey, a superb online shop with a little bit of everything for the Mixed-media artist. Mike and Shoshanna were here with me when Tangerine was just being born, they were a wealth of support and they are idea machines.

Lisa Guerin will be here next week from Southern California. She is honoring us with three whole days of workshops! Gypsy Junk Jewelry and Character Construction Paper dolls. Her classes started filling up the day the news leaked. Lisa has agreed to let me add a few more people to the class so as of today there are two more openings, if you want a space you will need to call soon!

Iva's private workshop was a hit! Lana Kloch arranged for a class with a group of her closest and dearest here at Tangerine and Iva Wilcox taught a beautiful paper theatre inspired by her good friend and fellow instructor Ulla Millbrath. Ulla has been a creative inspiration to so many artists. The ladies enjoyed tea, juice, fresh baked cakes and pastry while the cut, clued, assembled and had a really sweet day.

If you are interested in having a private class please give Tangerine a call or drop me an email. It is a great way to celebrate a special day with people who make you happy. I'd be glad to arrange an instructor and a unique project.


I have decided to get bloggy-with-it...

That means give-aways! There will be a chance to win here at the blog-site and in the store. I'll post a photo of the give away and what you have to do to get a little Tangerine Happy! Sign up to get blog updates for more information or come on in and drop your digits in the bowl for a chance to win.

OOOOh how much fun is this going to be?!

April will be a paper cake give-away. All you have to do is come by the store or drop me a comment here at the blog and tell me what two art products you could not be without if you were stranded on a desert island (yes there will be electricity for you glue-gun!) At the end of the month I will pull three names out of a magic hat, actually (Noah will pull the names out of his baseball hat).

Ahhh and now the really big NEWS!!!

The details aren't all ironed out yet but it looks like we will be having the King of Assemblage and all things Altered here at Tangerine for three whole days in November! I am over the moon and I will have more details for you in April. I promise this will be a workshop you will not want to miss. I am so sure that I will be opening registration for the class in Late April. I am way too excited about this!

I will be running off to Paris for two weeks so Tangerine will be on auto-pilot from March 24th- April 8th. For regular customers who have a buying emergency Sawsan will be here to ring you up.

I can't wait for the coming months, there are so many surprises, classes, and groovy art supplies.

Make Art=Be Happy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Copy cats and bad cookies, the long post.

I was just told by a little bird that this blog is actually being accessed. Hip-hip-hooray! It has been a month full of computer and computer related woes. The computer is now good as new, the website is finally repaired (they called it bad cookies, is there any such thing?) and the links for the blogs seem to be working. If you are still getting a jumbled Tangerine it is most likely due to your browser not supporting the fonts I originally used. If things are still a little goofy I apologize, there might be a few glitches in the matrix that need sorting.

Tangerine continues to amaze me. It is like a person; it grows, changes and it surprises. I've met so many wonderful people and all that great energy has an effect, a real good and positive one. Classes are filling up easily and in April the new workshop schedule will be full of new opportunities. It will also be full of treasures from France! I have decided to bring back as much as I can cram into my extra suitcase.

Now that the technical issues seem to be solved (oh happy day) I have something I want to address that I feel conflicted about. I would like to share my thoughts because there has been much buzz and some hurt feelings.

Copy Cats...

I come from a fine art background. In art school you learn very quickly to grow a thick skin and find your own voice. Morning critiques can be brutal and it is very easy to be overly influenced by other students and your instructors. Hedi Earnst and Viola Frey convinced me that I wanted to be a large scale ceramic artist not with words but by blowing me away with the power of their work. Arthur Gonzalez made me want to create work from ash and tears. Then there were the "Sad Kitty Ranch" girls who really paved the way for what art you see on Etsy.

It is very hard not to dwell within a community of artist and not absorb them. The challenge is to take the inspiration and use it as a tool for growth rather that a detour from it. How do you do it? Well, in art school you are told not to when you are, and it bites. You are also helped along the way, to see what it is you are trying to capture and bring into your work, or why you feel stuck and using energy that belongs to someone else. It is a process you just have to move through.

When I first started selling art in the 8o's I created a series of small bears made out of polymer clay. This was when Sculpy and Fimo were hard to find and came in one color. I painted my bears with shoe polish because it stained them perfectly and gave them the right amount of gloss without a second step.

These bears were purchased from me by the dozens, by the same person. At that time I was just happy to have the extra money until they showed up in gift shops. There was nothing I could do. They were molded and mass produced in resin by a well know company. It broke my heart. It would have flattered me but I was consumed with my idea being swiped, It felt like a pirate ship came in and cleaned me out.

As artists we have to decide for ourselves how our moral compass will work.

I decided to let go of the bear anger and go to art school. I wanted to know what it is that makes us want to create, and some of us live to create. I needed to feel legitimate and to find out if this was my path.

When I am stuck or bored I seem to absorb what I see and read and it shows up in what I make. When I am focused I am my own person the work flows. I don't feel good when I am not making my own art, and I feel on top of the world when I am.

I never teach anything that I don't willingly want to share and let go. It isn't fair to you or your students to say here are these tools and techniques, let me give you something wonderful but don't go out and use it.

If you look back to the history of art there was one person who filled his mouth with berry juice and used his hand as a stencil. He wanted to let someone know he was there. Many followed, then there were some who started using sticks, juice and soot to create crude drawings to document a history we can never imagine. We are not doing anything different. We are all just humans using what we have to leave a mark of our own.

The mark you leave will tell the story of who you are. You may be a collector, or a person who is inspired by the beauty of another artists work and you want to use their work as a "Start Here" place. Maybe you are one of the people who creates a new tools or techniques. What each of us brings is important. We are all made out of the same matter and we create with the same matter, the combinations we find and what they mean to us are what makes it our own.

Making art has a flow you have to step into it and move with it. We don't make art just for ourselves, we make it to share.

Make Art = Be Happy, that was the education ten years of student loans bought me and it was worth every penny.

If you have the time to worry it to pieces, judge what others are doing, get angry and frustrated by what is being made around you, then you need to be making more art and eating good cookies.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Most of you know that last week Tangerines brand-spanking new HP computer silently turned itself off. Theses things happen and I should have had a back-up plan but I didn't. I sent the sad computer off to be repaired by it's maker and purchased a little computer to hold down the fort and process transactions while we waited for fixing to be done.

I bought an Eee PC. You see them everywhere, they look like toys. Mine is pink and fits in my purse. I love it. It does everything a grown up computer can do. The draw back is that it requires an external disc drive to play movies and load programs. You also have to have very tiny hands to type comfortably. I am lucky to own such hands so viola, back-up plan.

This is a very long explanation for why there are no class updates and class descriptions on the website. This is also an apology to those of you waiting for information regarding classes you signed up for. Two more days everyone, two more days and we will be up and groovin!

We have many new classes coming soon that I am so excited about. Ingrid Pomeroy has just been added to our list of instructors and she has the sweetest collage class coming up in April. I have seen the photo's and I promise you will love this class.

Sonnie will be offering some new PMC classes soon. These will be intermediate classes (for those of you who took PMC1 last month). She will be teaching a little bit about setting stones and creating fused glass class cabochons.

Mike Jennings is blessing us with another Photo shop Intensive on March 14Th. This is a class for all of you collage artists. I know you have Photo shop, I know you want to make it do all kind of cool tricks, well Mike is your guru. He works for Adobe and happens to be one of my most favorite Geeks in the world. This guy is a computer genius and artist extraordinaire, a perfect combination. This is a full day class and he is a pro.

Colleen Moody, our local celebrity doll artist will be giving two yes two wonderful workshops (yipee) where you will be making miniature paper clay dolls that sit in vintage jewel boxes...way too sweet to describe. These will be April classes but you might want to sign up soon I know they will fill quickly.

Connie Govea Stuart will also be teaching an exclusive workshop in April. She will be creating a wonderful wearable piece of art using images and textiles. She brought the sample by last week and I drooled. The piece is all Connie and fans of her work will love this class. This is another class I would enroll early for.

I don't mean to leave anyone out I am just running out of time, there are a couple of you in the shop today who have been waiting patiently for my attention.

Two more days and I will be able to update you a little better and have all the details you will need. Thank you all for being so kind and patient.

This is a creative world and I feel so privileged to be a meeting place for creative souls.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tangerine is in full swing; classes are filling up, the shop is full of Valentines and there are bunnies waiting to be unpacked for Easter.

Sonnie is teaching PMC (yipee!) her first class is in February I am very excited, she is such a sweet and talented woman. I have worked with PMC in the past and it hasn't been my favorite medium but I think I am going to give it another adventure bite with Sonnie, sometimes it isn't medium it's the inspiration.

Iva and Julee still have a couple spaces left in their workshops and Colleen Moody came by and gave me a peek at her class sample. It will be a small class that will fill up soon, I will post here just as soon as I have the dates. The project is sweet and I know Colleen fans will love it.

Lisa Guerin will be teaching in March, I know the Tangerine website says April, remind me to fire my web-designer (that would be me) it will be corrected tomorrow morning as soon as I get into the store. To spite my terrible mistake two of the three classes have filled up. Lisa has quite a following, I am very excited to take her Gypsy Junk Jewelry class.

Mike Jennings is going to give a photo shop intensive in February. This is not to be missed. Everything you always wanted to know about Photo Shop but you were too afraid to ask...Mike is amazing.

I promise to get links up on the blogs and the website by the end of March before I leave to Paris. I love writing that... Yes, I am going to Paris with Sarah who will be running the Paris Marathon. Those of you who know me know that I will be doing anything but running, I plan to be at the finish line with a glass of champagne and a big hug for her then it is off to the markets and museums, but not before all the deserts.

I may close the shop for the two weeks I am away, don't worry I am planning to bring back some great stuff for you all to play with and treasure.

Many of you may have noticed the daffs and tulip greens peeking up...the promise of spring, new beginnings. My wish today is that wonderful adventures, great love, and abundance of creativity is on it's way to each of you.

Now go make some art!