Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The lovely Lisa Guerin stopped by last night. I opened the shop up for her so we could have a little play date. Paper is Lisa's second skin, scissors a fifth appendage. We had a very nice time sitting around making stuff and chatting. I got a sneak peek at her proofs for WWC. Her studio is bright, simple, organized and inviting. I get a little jealous when I see such tidy work spaces!

It has been a little quiet at Tangerine, school is getting out, there are graduations, summer camps to prep for etc. The down time has given me an opportunity to think of some new idea's make some cute birdies and play a little.

I have all these new Stampington magazines to read and I can't wait to dig in.

Michael Demengs classes are starting to fill up, October is too far away! I bought a case of old doll parts that I just finished sorting and will be putting out in the shop. I have all kinds of creepy ideas for the Demented toys class; big heads, small bodies and arms that are different sizes, maybe wheels for legs and eyes that do more than just blink.

I am dieting and that makes me grouchy but many of you understand the middle aged muffin top dilemma most of us face at some point in our life. I have chosen Sparkpeople an online diet plan, support group, one stop everything. I love it. It is a networking sight for people who are trying to take back healthy bodies by eating well and moving around a little more. The tools are free, simple, and eye opening. I am at day three.

I don't need to live to be 100 but I would like the years I have here to be healthy and productive. I don't believe in lose it quick scams, diet drugs, or anything that turns your life upside down. It is easy to make a few better choices, go for a walk a couple days a week, and drink more water.

As artists we do a whole lot of sitting and snacking. Getting outside, walking, and clearing your head improves creativity and helps prevent all that stiffness we get from working hunched over our workbench all day.

I don't need to look like Barbie but I do need a healthy heart and a Strong body.

I may be eliminating the candy in the store. I know, I know, it is wonderful but I could use that space to stock up on some really cute stuff, and great ephemera. I may have a big fat candy sale!

Lisa Guerins motto is "Think good thoughts" How can go wrong doing that! So think good thoughts, Make art, be happy, get outside today and take in the color all around you.


Diviacity said...

You are truly an inspiration Gina!
Big hugs!

kecia said...

where is Tangerine? i see Dublin, but don't know what state you are in. california,i'm thinking.....