Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh my goodness do I have a lot of new and wonderful magazines. For those of you who have been waiting they are here (Stuffed, Handcrafted, Studio, Life) For those of you who have been looking you search is over. I carry almost all of Stampingtons magazines and they are all here in one location!

Summer is starting to heat up and it is time for outdoor cooking, swimming pools, and lots of watermelon spitting contests. I love summer. There will be a few days that the shop will be closed so that I can spend some time with Noah the prince of boys. I have promised him some Lake days and a camping trip. This shop has always been about friends, neighbors, family and community. Nothing is more important than spending time with a nine year old.

There are a few small but good changes coming soon that I am excited about, I am going to keep them secret for just a little while longer but they will be worth the wait.

I know I am not alone when I say that there is nothing like a copy of Where Women Create, a bubble bath, and a piece of chocolate cake. I love taking a peek into those beautiful studios I drool and dream of a perfect studio with great lighting and treasures in all the right places. Many of my good friends have been featured so it makes it extra exciting to see what they have created in print.

I also have a few friends who have studios that are just as important and just as beautiful in their own way. Not all of us have lofts, barns, spare rooms, or even garages that can be done over. Many of us have carved out a corner somewhere in the house or simply use the dining room table. One person I know uses her laundry room as a workspace, she has a plywood "Table" she sets up on the washer and dryer when she is working. It is the prettiest laundry room I have ever seen! Another friend uses her guest bathroom as a darkroom. It smells like chemicals and there are clothes lines everywhere with prints hanging to dry (yes some people are still photo purists and I love them).

I want to celebrate the women who may not have color coordinated chase lounge for lounging with a sketch pad or a wall full of windows that face a garden. I want to celebrate women who find a ways to create no matter where they are no matter what they have.

Send me your studio pix, even if that means it's a suitcase full of craft supplies, or a two drawers in the linen closet. Beauty and good ideas can be found in the most unexpected places. Tell me a little bit about your space and what you do and I will post them on a special page on the website

Make some iced-tea, find a drippy ice cream cone and enjoy this wonderful season.

Make Art=Be Happy


Diviacity said...

You are just awesome! I am sending you pics of my Studio/Living Room LOL. What a great idea!

Gina2424 said...

I can't stop thinking about your Facebook post. I have to call you! And I want all those mags! I need a 3rd job!