Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't Find it?

It seems I am having a difficult time getting the web-site listing to stick. Yahoo keeps confusing me with other Tangerines. I am working on it but it may take a little time.

If you are searching for the website and directions here is the link

Two more days until we open and I am excited.

There are two must have shipments that have not made it here yet but are promised by Friday. One of them is a big box of the softest T-shirts by Dead Worry. They are made one at a time by a girl with a silk screen. She uses simple mod designs and puts them on Desert distressed shirts that are so soft it feels like that favorite shirt you have had forever.

The other shippment I am waiting for are the rest of the figurines from Andy's Rascals. Andy makes the sweetest little kids. Say good-bye to your Precious Moments, if you are going to collect something tiny these are it. She uses real kids as models and each figurine can take up to 40 hours to complete. They are then carefully handpainted and signed. My favorite is the Mermaid.

Andy is sending me angels and not just any angels, these angels have panties that are showing, scrunched up boo-boo faces and stolen cookie smudgies.

Today Iva is coming by to drop off some necklaces she made just for the shop, they are going to be vintage beautiful I just know it. Then we are going to buy a case of pink champagne for the opening. My daughter loved it and it is what she would have wanted to serve if she were here. My first toast before I open the doors will be to her, my sweet bunny girl, my favorite one, my inspiration.

Friday Allison and Maread are coming over to have a cupcake bake off, you can't have pink champagne without cupcakes!

Saturday the doors will open and it will be official.

Don't pinch me, I like it this way!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Grand Opening October 18th

Oh My Goodness can you believe it?

Yep Tangerine will finally be opening, oh I am so excited. October 18Th I will swing my little doors open to the public. It will be a quiet day with friends and family visiting, everyone is welcome. I will be serving pink champagne and cupcakes.

There is still more work to do but I can't wait any longer I want to share so come and visit, play, hang-out, nibble, shop, and be a part of a wonderful day.

The shop is located next to the frame company, it is a little hidden, just look for the paper lanterns and topiary trees.

7038 Village Parkway in Dublin
all day...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tangerine is real...The lights and fixtures are in, the tables have legs, and the boxes are about to be unpacked. This is way too much fun to be work.

There have been humps and bumps like the glass shattering on one of my thirty-five dollar display cases. I came all the way home from Ikea with legs but no fixtures to attach them, There were the mannequin heads that were suppose to be" beautifully hand painted" and arrived factory spray painted using stencils, yuck! I also grossly over exaggerated in my head how much floor space I actually have so I have been moving things around over and over to get it right.

The best parts so far have been Shoshannah from Hannah Grey showing up with gifts for the shop. She brought trays, and display furniture. She is awesome! The fudge showing up just on time and getting to sample all of it. The glass guy next door (AAA Glass) snuck in early Sunday morning and repaired the display cabinet for me and never left a bill.

Two weeks ago we had an amazing workshop at Tangerine The shop was far from ready but I set up the giant table I bought at a thrift store, had my husband drag over our Thanksgiving chairs and viola a class room.

The class was so much fun. We had eleven women in all (eleven seems to be the magic number lateley) and they worked hard. It was an eight hour class and they drilled holes, sculpted, glued, glittered, painted, embellished and at the end of the day they left with beautiful moving music boxes.

The group was fantastic they brought ribbons, trim and tiny nests, birds, eggs and mushrooms to share. There was enough difference to keep the conversation interesting, and enough in common to bond us easily.

We took a lunch break and walked to the Chinese restaurant at the corner for a pre-ordered lunch and came back to Tangerine for fudge, chocolate cake and more work.

It was unforgettable and a great way to christen the shop.

Ladies You Rock!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneek Peek and links...

This is just getting too exciting. Everyday I get to come home and there is a package on my doorstep. I am like a little kid. I even get excited over the shopping bags and sales books.

I have nine new sisters that will be going to Convenzione on Sunday. Here is a sneek peek.

It is almost Tangerine time!!!

Here are some web addresses to remember: (My studio website, where it all started)

elevenmorningstangerine (Tangerines new website!) (this lovely blog) (another lovely blog) ( the book and a great way to make a difference in someones life)

Have a blue sky day,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Doors

These are the doors I picked up at the salvage yard that I am turning into tables for Tangerine. Believe it or not they are freshly painted. It seems that the original, wonderful, old, chipped, groovy paint might not have been safe, who knows. So to be on the safe side I power washed the doors, sanded them and repainted them with several layers of old exterior paint I had here at the studio.

It took all day in the sun but I put the Ipod on and let it shuffle. I danced, sang badly and painted, sanded and painted some more.

Yesterday I ordered a bright pink mannequin for the table that will have the coolest T's. Dead Worry sent the shirts to me this week...I was blissed out when I opened the box, they are too sweet. There is a pink puff sleeve with a big red anatomical heart on it that I am stealing for myself.

I also ordered a vintage hat mannequin, she was just begging to come sit on our counter. I love her because she has a soft oval face that is hand painted and serene. She'll fit right in.

I sent a request to Fat Daddy for Cupcakes. I LOVE these cupcakes and fingers crossed we will get some delivered fresh to our shop.

The new window signs came in and they are really "Orange" traffic cone orange! Once they are up I think they will be perfect.

Tomorrow is a big sewing day. I have a table full of paper clay dollies that need bodies. To all of you who have been waiting patiently, they are coming, they are coming.

Do something to day that makes you feel good...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Everything is moving along...

I just received a case of the most wonderful soap and candles that smell like heaven, earrings that are so cute you could eat them, and funky wallets that are going to fly out of the shop.

Gum balls, Party hats, vintage baby quilts...

This is feels more and more like the best idea ever and I am so glad I am taking a leap and making it happen, it seems a nice big net is appearing.

The big wooden table for classes just arrived, it is about 40 years old and sits on a fat pedestal so we can all sit around it without bumping into table legs. I am bringing the chairs over today and then we are going out to idea to look for comfy chair pads and some fun lighting.

I love that this shop is going to be full of things made by people and not machines, that we are recycling, upcycling, and being as environmentally aware as we know how to be.

The idea of supporting artists, and small business is so exciting. There are so many talented people in the country who make the most amazing products. The attention to detail, design and the use of materials is really refreshing.

The website is still being built, by me, so it is taking some time, but it will be lovely, and very simple. The banner was just created and I can't wait to use them.

Next week is Convenzione and that will require some energy moved in a different direction but I might actually be able to teach the workshop at Tangerine if I work really hard this week.

I hope your day is full of creativity and laughter, I will continue to keep everyone posted on our progress.


Monday, August 4, 2008

What it 's all about...

I got up very early this morning, I feel like a kid before Christmas, too excited to sleep and wondering what is underneath all that shiny paper.

There are a few orders that are in and the artists are all wonderful and talented. I can't wait to display work. I believe the artists are just as important if not more so than the actual work. I love opening a shop where everything is made by hand by people who love to make art and have creative spirits.

This is going to be a very special place, I can feel it. I also feel some fear and anxiety but those feelings are small compared to how wonderful I know the shop will be.

There are plenty of big stores to shop at in town with shelves full of shiny things in plastic safety packaging. Tangerine will be the only place for many, many miles where you can touch everything, most things being one of a kind, all things made with great care and attention and one at a time.

I can see hand thrown mugs, fat bars of soap and a stack of organic T's on my big antique doors.
The smell of cookies, gum balls and lavender, the sound of old vinyl playing in the background, and color, lot's of color.

There are two old fashioned park benches waiting to be painted, two big topiary waiting to be potted, and an old mint colored sink waiting to be scoured and brought to life.

It feels like there isn't enough time to get it all done and it seems like time can not move fast enough so that we can be in and making it happen.

Some one pinch me.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pulling it together...

I went out today to the salvage yard in Berkeley to pick up some old doors, a mint green sink, two windows, and some rusty metal things. It seems this is the beginning of Tangerine. I know it sounds odd but I think it is going to be beautiful.

The space is industrial. I laid a faux wood floor and painted the walls but the rest of the space needs a little character. I could have gone over to Ikea and bought some new things but they just seemed so slick and plastic.

I want texture, color and curiosity. The trick is to not make it look like a yard sale or make it too shabby-chic cute.

The sink is an antique pedestal with original hardware. I am going to clean it up and display handmade soaps and bath salts in it.

The old doors will become tables. I love them they are all different sizes and colors and worn perfectly. Steve will have to build legs for them that I will paint a terrible blue. I will wash and seal them tomorrow.

I can not wait to see beautiful things arranged on these big solid tables. I love the idea of pretty glass and ceramic mixed with chipped paint and rusty hinges.

I have the most beautiful drawings that Stevie did several years ago that I am going to burn into a screen and print onto kids t-shirts, they are called "Pick Me" I know they will fly out of the store.

There are many artists that keep sending me work to look at, I wish I had the budget to buy it all, and there will be a time when I can.

So far we have hand blown glass earrings, the sweetest t-shirts, hand-made soap, vintage baby quilts, vinyl bracelets, toys, paper crowns, big jars of bubble gum, paper clay figurines, pins, buttons, cards and cupcakes.

I love this job, I can't wait to open!!!


Thursday, July 31, 2008

We are almost there...

Eleven Morning has a new space!

As of today it is official, Eleven Morning has a new space where we will be selling great art and offering some great workshops.

Gina Gabriell's studio will stay her studio but her classes have out grown her space. Tangerine is the new studio, gallery and art play space. You are going to love it!

Tangerine will be located in Downtown Dublin in a small industrial building. It is a fun space with creamy yellow walls, big tables, fun art, ephemera, unusual art supplies and lots of sweet treats.

We are shooting for September to open our doors. Stay tuned for the big day, and come out and play!!!