Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Doors

These are the doors I picked up at the salvage yard that I am turning into tables for Tangerine. Believe it or not they are freshly painted. It seems that the original, wonderful, old, chipped, groovy paint might not have been safe, who knows. So to be on the safe side I power washed the doors, sanded them and repainted them with several layers of old exterior paint I had here at the studio.

It took all day in the sun but I put the Ipod on and let it shuffle. I danced, sang badly and painted, sanded and painted some more.

Yesterday I ordered a bright pink mannequin for the table that will have the coolest T's. Dead Worry sent the shirts to me this week...I was blissed out when I opened the box, they are too sweet. There is a pink puff sleeve with a big red anatomical heart on it that I am stealing for myself.

I also ordered a vintage hat mannequin, she was just begging to come sit on our counter. I love her because she has a soft oval face that is hand painted and serene. She'll fit right in.

I sent a request to Fat Daddy for Cupcakes. I LOVE these cupcakes and fingers crossed we will get some delivered fresh to our shop.

The new window signs came in and they are really "Orange" traffic cone orange! Once they are up I think they will be perfect.

Tomorrow is a big sewing day. I have a table full of paper clay dollies that need bodies. To all of you who have been waiting patiently, they are coming, they are coming.

Do something to day that makes you feel good...

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