Friday, August 15, 2008

Everything is moving along...

I just received a case of the most wonderful soap and candles that smell like heaven, earrings that are so cute you could eat them, and funky wallets that are going to fly out of the shop.

Gum balls, Party hats, vintage baby quilts...

This is feels more and more like the best idea ever and I am so glad I am taking a leap and making it happen, it seems a nice big net is appearing.

The big wooden table for classes just arrived, it is about 40 years old and sits on a fat pedestal so we can all sit around it without bumping into table legs. I am bringing the chairs over today and then we are going out to idea to look for comfy chair pads and some fun lighting.

I love that this shop is going to be full of things made by people and not machines, that we are recycling, upcycling, and being as environmentally aware as we know how to be.

The idea of supporting artists, and small business is so exciting. There are so many talented people in the country who make the most amazing products. The attention to detail, design and the use of materials is really refreshing.

The website is still being built, by me, so it is taking some time, but it will be lovely, and very simple. The banner was just created and I can't wait to use them.

Next week is Convenzione and that will require some energy moved in a different direction but I might actually be able to teach the workshop at Tangerine if I work really hard this week.

I hope your day is full of creativity and laughter, I will continue to keep everyone posted on our progress.


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