Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Good evening all you Tangerineers...

It was a beautiful day today, the flowering trees on village parkway are dropping petals that look like snowflakes. Spring is here, oh how I love, love, love spring. I hope all of you took your winter shoes off, took in a little sunshine, admired the tulips, and enjoyed the birdsong.

We have a few new things at the store that I am excited about like the happies from Germany; little music boxes, rainbow makers and some delicious mole-skin note books. Ranger is sending over some new glitter, alcohol inks, and more memory glass (it flies out as fast as it arrives).

We have some new pretty bird prints and some yummy-yummy-yummy soaps, perfumes and lip balm from Tokyo Milk and new Catherine Moore stamps.

For those of you who asked the ribbon bags were an amazing deal and they sold too fast, we only have two left (sorry)but I will try to make more for the summer.

The talented and always in demand Connie Govea Stuart will be teaching the sweetest class on March 27th, it was a late add but I know it will fill easily. In her workshop you will be making one of her famous paintboxes. I will have project photos up this week. It is a beautiful piece and everyone in her class will leave with a lovely they will be very pleased with.

(The ceramic button and bowl class will be rescheduled, I will let you know as soon as I can.)

Julee has been hangin-out at the store twice a week and having her there has been wonderful, she brings a lot of positive energy, fun and silly vibes, and brightens everything up just a little more. Come on in and meet her, sit, chat, have tea. She has made it possible for me to work on other projects and I am truly grateful.

Still working on a little free video for all of is a little harder than I thought it would be. Anyone who knows me knows I am anything but shy, I have a billion word quota a day and have no trouble sharing things that make most people move to the edge of their seat a little. I don't know what it is about being filmed that makes me mumble, bumble, and feel like I weigh a thousand pounds...sigh.

Enjoy this transition, this miraculous time of year when hope is renewed as we watch buds form, blossoms fall open, and the hills that surround us turn a green that I have no words to describe. This is a great time to get up early and listen to the birds wake up, a cup of hot tea and a notebook are the only tools you need to fill your creative well.

Mother nature is sharing her pallet and her wonders it is a workshop not to be missed.

Make Art=Be Happy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh Happy March!!!

Spring is almost here I can feel it, this silly rain and the cold nights are just the wrapping paper for tulips, warm afternoons, and waking up to noisy birds that make you smile.

All is good at Tangerine, just got a few new happies in and I hung butterflies in the window. It is always to see old friends, new friends, and people who walk in not expecting a happy little niche full of treasures.

I will be posting more classes this week, Connie Govea Stuart will be teaching something wonderful late March, Traci Bautista in April and I will teach another paper clay doll class in May.

Julee Hermann will be doing some soldering classes for those of you who have always wanted to or need some brushing up. Her next class is Scheduled April 1oth.

If there is a class you must have or an instructor you would love to meet and work with let me know. We are also doing private classes for groups of creative people who like to celebrate with paint, glitter, paper, and bits and pieces.

Lady Z who does my T-shirts is working on some new shirts for the store, they should be ready in a couple weeks. This year they are simple and sweet, I know you will love them!

Iva Wilcox is already putting the next annual Tinsel and Treasures show together. Once again she has hand selected a group of artists she loves who do great work. Every year the show gets a little more exciting, the line to get in a little longer...It is a perfect gathering of local women who love to create, who collect, who just love the energy the event generates. Stay tuned I will let you know the dates and give you a sneak peek who will be at the show this year.

FACE LIFT!!! Not me (oh I wish) but the blog and the website. It needs a little freshening up, the site may be down a day or two as we make the changes. The goal is to make the blog a little more like a news letter with some tips, challenges, inspiration and more photos. I am also working on a couple video classes for those of you who live far away, or not so far away.

Have a super terrific day everyone!

Make Art= Be Happy