Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pulling it together...

I went out today to the salvage yard in Berkeley to pick up some old doors, a mint green sink, two windows, and some rusty metal things. It seems this is the beginning of Tangerine. I know it sounds odd but I think it is going to be beautiful.

The space is industrial. I laid a faux wood floor and painted the walls but the rest of the space needs a little character. I could have gone over to Ikea and bought some new things but they just seemed so slick and plastic.

I want texture, color and curiosity. The trick is to not make it look like a yard sale or make it too shabby-chic cute.

The sink is an antique pedestal with original hardware. I am going to clean it up and display handmade soaps and bath salts in it.

The old doors will become tables. I love them they are all different sizes and colors and worn perfectly. Steve will have to build legs for them that I will paint a terrible blue. I will wash and seal them tomorrow.

I can not wait to see beautiful things arranged on these big solid tables. I love the idea of pretty glass and ceramic mixed with chipped paint and rusty hinges.

I have the most beautiful drawings that Stevie did several years ago that I am going to burn into a screen and print onto kids t-shirts, they are called "Pick Me" I know they will fly out of the store.

There are many artists that keep sending me work to look at, I wish I had the budget to buy it all, and there will be a time when I can.

So far we have hand blown glass earrings, the sweetest t-shirts, hand-made soap, vintage baby quilts, vinyl bracelets, toys, paper crowns, big jars of bubble gum, paper clay figurines, pins, buttons, cards and cupcakes.

I love this job, I can't wait to open!!!


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