Monday, September 1, 2008

Tangerine is real...The lights and fixtures are in, the tables have legs, and the boxes are about to be unpacked. This is way too much fun to be work.

There have been humps and bumps like the glass shattering on one of my thirty-five dollar display cases. I came all the way home from Ikea with legs but no fixtures to attach them, There were the mannequin heads that were suppose to be" beautifully hand painted" and arrived factory spray painted using stencils, yuck! I also grossly over exaggerated in my head how much floor space I actually have so I have been moving things around over and over to get it right.

The best parts so far have been Shoshannah from Hannah Grey showing up with gifts for the shop. She brought trays, and display furniture. She is awesome! The fudge showing up just on time and getting to sample all of it. The glass guy next door (AAA Glass) snuck in early Sunday morning and repaired the display cabinet for me and never left a bill.

Two weeks ago we had an amazing workshop at Tangerine The shop was far from ready but I set up the giant table I bought at a thrift store, had my husband drag over our Thanksgiving chairs and viola a class room.

The class was so much fun. We had eleven women in all (eleven seems to be the magic number lateley) and they worked hard. It was an eight hour class and they drilled holes, sculpted, glued, glittered, painted, embellished and at the end of the day they left with beautiful moving music boxes.

The group was fantastic they brought ribbons, trim and tiny nests, birds, eggs and mushrooms to share. There was enough difference to keep the conversation interesting, and enough in common to bond us easily.

We took a lunch break and walked to the Chinese restaurant at the corner for a pre-ordered lunch and came back to Tangerine for fudge, chocolate cake and more work.

It was unforgettable and a great way to christen the shop.

Ladies You Rock!!!

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