Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I just informally announced to a few people yesterday that I would not be focusing on classes at Tangerine. I love having the shop full of creative people, laughter, and community but I have found that it takes a lot of work to to keep that big wheel turning; web-site updates, scheduling, blogging, emails, phone calls, prep, registration, paperwork, extra hours at the shop, days off lost. This is a one girl show.

There are also so many shops that surround us that are offering classes. It feels like the need will be met. I will still be teaching a few classes and I will host exclusive workshops taught by traveling artists. I would really like to refocus some energy on finishing the book, keeping the shop fresh and fun, and doing regular art challenges and openings.

Art Challenges and openings you say? Oh yes, it has been on my mind for a while and I would really like to get it started. Here is how it goes...

Every couple months I am going to mass email the challenge to all of you (if I don't have your email address you need to send it to me) I will also post the Challenge to the website and the blog.

I will let you know what I need, when I need it and when we plan to show it to the world.

All work submitted will be shown at Tangerine on opening night. Photos, links and artist information will be available on the website. Art be blogged about, talked about, and available for purchase. Opening night will be at Tangerine will be an exciting event.

There is nothing like a room full of art that you can see and touch. I feel the challenges will help artists reach a little farther, express themselves in new and different ways, and inspire each other.

If you would like more information or bummed about the classes shoot me an email. If you have chocolate cake you better visit!

Michael Demeng will still be here in October, if you haven't registered yet you might want to, we have a few three day spots left and a handful of classes. He will be teaching:

Holy Rolling Hot Wheels. In this class you will be radically modifying this little iconic toy. I have seen some samples and they are mind blowing (The above photos are a few examples). At the end of the workshop there will be a race, yep a race tracks and all. The winner will receive one of Michael's creations. How cool is that?

Island of Demented Toys, one of Michael's more famous workshops. I am not sure how to explain it other than to say your imagination will be pushed to it's limits. Students will learn techniques that will change the way they work forever. Anyone who has ever taken this workshop leaves inspired, a head heavy with new ideas.

What a relief, a three dimensional piece using Michael's techniques again. He will guide you through a post-modern journey where parts and pieces, this and that, rusty and strange, turn into a new breathtaking object of art.

To learn about Michael and to see some of his fabulous pieces check him out at

Registration is easy. You send a deposit to Tangerine (to be held until class, then applied to your balance) I will send you a confirmation letter, and and information packet. Viola, in October we will meet for three days spraying, gluing, melting, cutting, painting, bending, nailing, assembling and getting messy.

Go to
For dates, times, and where to send the check.

I hope you are all enjoying these long summer days. Be sure to break out of that studio and swim, ride a bike, have a pic-nic. As artists we tend to hide-away, work too hard, and grow pale. Art is about life and life needs to be lived to make art. Get outside, get inspired, let your cheeks turn red, eat ice cream!

Make Art=Be Happy

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