Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hangin out at the T

It has been a wild and wonderful week at Tangerine. One of the things I love most about this shop is all the visiting. I have the handful of terrific customers (and you know who you are) that I can count on to visit once a week. I love sitting at the table listening to news about art, families, and silly gossip. Nothing brightens a day like good friends.

This week I had a lot more email and a few more visitors than usual. It seems there is some worry about my decision to not host classes like I have in the past. I would like to take the opportunity to alleviate any worries.

A. I will still host some special workshops.
B. Yes, I will still teach the Jewelry Class.
C. Yes, Michael Demeng will still be here in October!
D. Tangerine is doing well, I am not going anywhere, and the decision to stop doing
so many classes was to free up time to bring other events to the shop.
E. The new changes will be about new merchandise and a space that is even more fun.
F. Everything is Great, Promise!!!

I feel blessed to have so many people who love the shop and who are so concerned. Sarah (my SIL) said to me "You don't wait for things to get difficult before you make changes, the best time to make them are when things are going well" I am staying a step ahead and always thinking about how to keep us all inspired. There are many teaching venues and many instructors are teaching home workshops that are actually quite wonderful and can be a fun way to share a day with friends.

If you have not registered for Michael's workshops you need to call or email and get that done. I have a list of people who asked for me to save space and I am happy to do it but as we get closer I will need your deposit to save the space. I want to make sure everyone who has been waiting is able to take a class with him.

There will be some informal play dates at Tangerine if you would like to be on the list drop me an email that includes you phone number.

I am working on a video series if you are an artist that might be interested in being a guest drop me an email.

I promise to do some website updating soon. Thank you to those who have sent studio photos, they are beautiful and I am hoping to get them posted in a month or two.

There is plenty of news out there, plenty of sad stories, plenty of worries. It has historically been times like these that inspire artists. It is our job to lift people up, to help them see the beautiful that still surrounds us, it is the creative soul that knows that there is always more light than there is dark.

Make Art= Be Happy


Gina2424 said...

Please be sure I am on your challenge list!

icandy... said...

She is fabulous!!!!
Christina :)