Friday, July 24, 2009

First Challenge!!!

As promised the first Challenge.

These simple little dance slippers evoke images for me of being a little girl and reading the little mermaid. Anderson's little mermaid dances on glass, an exchange for legs, feet and love. I see her dancing in pink toes shoes that are speckled with blood, as she endures the pain of her choice, tears and first kisses mingle together.

I was a strange and dark little girl, no ballerina dreams for me.

Last week I came across some beautiful toe shoes that came from a dance school that used them for many years before retiring them. They are tattered, well loved, and some have the names of dancers written inside. I also found cotton, sheepskin pockets, and tape meant to protect little toes. They hold the history of hundreds of dances, like the little mermaid the pain endured was a willing exchange for the pleasure of a performance under beautiful lights with loved ones looking on as the performer revealed her soul.

I know we all have a story, a memory or a dream that ballet slippers bring to the surface. My challenge to those of you who wish to participate will be to transform these slippers into a work of art that reveals a little bit of your soul. If you are not a three dimensional artist feel free to paint, collage, sketch, or draw.

I have a limited number of slippers I would love to share with those of you who wish to use them in your art. You can pick them up at Tangerine, just send me an email to reserve a pair.

There are no rules, there are no limitations.

The deadline will be October 1st so you have plenty of time. I will announce the opening date for the show as we near the deadline. All projects will be photographed and displayed on the website and blog with full credit to each artist.

There will be a small 10.00 to participate. Artists will be responsible for dropping artwork off, or having delivered to Tangerine.

Our opening will be for artists, family and friends. Ribbons will be awarded, and refreshments will be available.


KV Creative Designs said...

Hi Gina,
I would like to participate! I will be in to see you soon with the bracelets and can pick them up then.
Thank you!

Artful Blessings,

Steph Jordan said...

I got my shoes and I'm too excited! I can't even wait to see what I come up with LOL.