Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Stuff!

Oh it has been a busy and warm week at Tangerine...

I went to the San Francisco International Gift Fair last and had a fantastic time. Tangerine is all about real things made by real people and I met some real and wonderful people a whole group of them that traveled to the show from Oregon. Hard working young families determined to live a quality life on their own terms. They care about families, the environment, and products that mean something.

One of the companies I was very impressed with was Woolly Hood Winks. They have a sweet children's book and a line of simple animals that you can imagine a child loving and keeping forever. The company started small, the owners hand sewing each piece one by one.

When they had to meet larger quantities they choose to look here in the United States for an organization that could help support the demand. They found a woman's Co-op that was founded to help low income women with children. The organization takes women with sewing skills, pays them a fair wage and offers on site day care at a very low cost.

This is a great product made by moms for a company that cares. I can't wait for my big brown box to be delivered!

I bought the uberest kids T-shirts from a couple who are funny, smart and pushing through this recession by sticking with great product and awesome customer service. They do all the design and printing themselves and their work is superb.

There are other goodies on a truck someplace making their way here. The store is getting another small nip and tuck to make room for the new products. It is looking even sweeter than before.

Two shows I would like to promote:

Tinsel and Treasures

Iva Wilcox is producing this annual event. Last year was lovely and I had a great time. This year there a few more A-list artists; Sylvia Anderson, Susan Bartolucci, Ceal Bialobrzeski, Sally Case, Anna Corba, Dee Foust, Charlene Geiger, Marcia Harmon.Ulla Millbrath, Colleen Moddy, Donna O'Brien, Melissa Valeriote, Iva Wilcox, and me!

The even will be On Saturday September 12 from 9-2 (doors will close at two so be sure to get there early) This year it is being held at the Alamo Women's Club @ 1401 Danville Blvd in Alamo.

This is a small, intimate show with spectacular goodies. or call 925-451-7805.

Also in September Red Carpet Crafts is putting on the Ritz In Dutch Flat on September 25,26,and 27th. This is an opportunity to take some fun workshops, do a little shopping and be a part of a film being made that weekend. If you want more information or to make a reservation call 530-220-4103.

Summer is wrapping up so quickly and I have hardly had enough Popsicles, sprinklers or mosquito bites. Don't let it slip away easily take these next two weeks to rock your summer; pitch a tent in the backyard and make breakfast on the grill, Make hot cocoa and count stars, make a jello-pie with a buttery graham cracker crust and real berries, got for a long walk under a setting sun.

September is when Fall begins, kids go back to school and summer starts to fade into cold nights, leaves falling and big meals spent with family. It is a beautiful season and I am thinking of some wonderful ways to celebrate it. I know a sweeeet girl who can bake like no ones business and rumor has it that she may be opening her own cupcakery...maybe we can get her to make us a some fall treats for a Cupcake Saturday.

Three spots left in Michael Demengs class Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

If you are registered for any of the August workshops with me:

18th: Deconstructing the narrative
28th: Getting over the water color hump

You need to call and confirm this week so we can get a head count.

Julie Herrmen will be offering a special beginning solder class on September 26th, this will be a great opportunity for all of you who have always wanted to try but have been putting it off, it is also a good time to start some Christmas charms. Julee is an easy, happy, enthusiastic and good instructor.

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Kayla said...

Gina dear,
I made some amaaaazing cupcakes tonight!! White cake with a organic raspberry filling, cream cheese frosting and a little fresh raspberry on top.
They are almost too cute to eat.
I think I am going to spend my monday off baking as well. I think I will bring you some @ lunch on Tuesday.