Friday, April 3, 2009

I am crossing my fingers that this works. The connection I have is not very reliable. I am in Paris, in my little apartment on St. Germain Du Pres a very fancy and busy street in the middle of everything.

I am home on a Friday night because my feet are killing me, I walked myself silly all day. Tomorrow the markets open so I will be shopping for things to bring back to Tangerine. The week long markets d0 not open until summer so I only have two days to make purchases.

I did find a small antique store were I bought bit of this and that and paid way too much but I couldn't resist, I needed all that French text and little books. I fell in love with a little basket of class salt shakers that must have been buried at some point.

It isn't easy to post photos from here but I will give it my best shot, apologies up front if it doesn't work.

I would write all about the days here in this magical city but it would go on and on and on...

I have eaten more, cheese, butter, bread, and deserts this week than I have in my entire life. I may need two seats on the airplane home.

As much as I love it here I miss home, Paris has the Paris thing but the East Bay has it's own thing too. I havn't seen much art that comes close to anything we are doing at home, I have talked to a few people who love mixed medium work and who love "Scatchet bookine" We are a very popular nation here. So many people want to talk about Obama...

I said a prayer and lit a candle for Stevie and Brianna at was lovely.

Well I better load up some photos and get myself to bed so I can be an early market-girl and find all of you some fantastic treasures.

I will be back on the 9th and I will do my best to have the store open in the next day or so depending on jet-lag. Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

Bon Nuit


Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Oh Gina! I must have felt you today, because I headed to your blog and here you have posted. I too have been thinking about our girls and Paris. Thank you for the prayer and candle. I hope you left a little bit of something there for Stevie and Brianna.

It must seem like a dream being there. I really can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Sleep well my friend. Look forward to seeing your Parisian treasures when you get home. Love and hugs...Iva

Sylvia Anderson said...

Gina~ I have been enjoying myself reading of your adventures in France...I am soooo envious! I had to laugh when reading about what you have been eating...I am also a vegetarian and eating while traveling is always an interesting experience! Your pictures are fabulous, and I bet you have seen so many wonderful things there! I wish you a safe journey home, and I am looking forward to catching up with you when you get back. :)