Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colleen and Iva...

Last Sunday Colleen Moody taught her Jewel Box Doll class, students traveled far and wide to attend. It was a difficult day for me, an important anniversary. I had to leave the shop for a family gathering and Colleen had Tangerine for the day. A little later Iva Wilcox showed up and took over ringing everyone up.

They did all this so I could be with my family on a very sad day. I can not thank them enough. I would also like to thank all the students in class that day for the kindness they showed me. Special thanks to Tina Marie Capriotti, what a beautiful and fun woman who got the prize for longest distance traveled. She made Colleen and I the sweetest necklaces. They were little pink nests made of wire that encircled a pearl egg. She embellished them with silk leaves and pretty filament. They are as gorgeous as she is.

People who make art "Get it" I have never known such a caring group of people. I think it may be due in part to the fact that we make ourselves vulnerable by turning what is inside of us into something that can be touched. We understand that tender place in ourselves and in others.

Tangerine continues to be a tiny space with a big heart.

Today is a day to make iced green tea and sit outside with colored pencils, water colors and a fat stack of paper. Spring is all around us...

Make art=Be Happy

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