Friday, October 9, 2009

Economy and art angels...

It was blue week. I'm not sure why, I just started feeling the weight of things to come. Not real things just possible things, and not good possible things. I turn on the TV, the radio, open my home page and I feel hit with such doom and gloom, i thought I could hear the thunder

Artists are hit hardest by the economy. We rely on our patrons and if they are not doing well, we are not doing well. Lucky for us we are creative souls and we are use to rolling with what ever comes our way, we know how to budget, save, and turn hidden ideas into new opportunities.

I guess I was feeling bummed for my art friends who are once again weathering hard times, worrying about my small business friends who are struggling, and wondering "what ifs" about Tangerine.

In the middle of all this "Blueness" friends arrive, artists friends, it was like I sent out some kind of telepathic SOS and they just came, I am lucky that way.

Yesterday Stephanie Jordan and Julee Herrmann arrived all Thai food and smiles. We had an incredible afternoon and they turned my gloom into laughter, ideas, and renewed hope. If you have had the opportunity to be in the company of creative woman you will know what I am talking about.

We talked about all our woes and issues but mostly we talked about gratitude; lucky that we have the lives we do, happy to know that better times are just around the corner, and honestly seeing that it isn't about light being at the end of a tunnel, it is more about choosing to stand under a cloud when there is light all around you.

This week gave birth to new ideas once I chose to move myself two inches to the left where the sun was always shining.

1. Artist play dates: I have talked about it but I am ready to put it into action.
I will be posting dates on the calender at A great
opportunity to learn some new techniques in a casual setting, not rules, all play.

2. Art Therapy: This is close to my heart and needs a place on the calender.
Once a month we will meet, share some yummy treats, work on "Stuck" projects,
bring art and ideas to share and for critique. We may have guest speakers, swap
art supplies but mostly we will be sharing ourselves, our ideas, our support and
keeping our art community strong.

3. Bring back the workshops. I have had far to many emails and phone calls. I
gotta bring em back! I will be contacting instructors next week, if you are a new
instructor with some great ideas drop me an email.

There is exactly one space left in Micheal Demengs Class next week it will be gone in a blink of an eye, if you want it give me a call. 925-548-8447 or drop an email to

Thank you art angels (Iva, Lana, Stephanie, Julee)

Make Art= Be Happy

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