Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh We got Demengted!

For those of you who were a part of the three days of Michael Demeng I just want to say thank you! It was wonderful watching you all work, looking at all your buckets of cool stuff and just having all your wonderful art energy here at Tangerine.

It was painty, stinky, gluey, crusty, rusty, naily, junkie, amazing, amazing, amazing...

We had a guest artist and instructor Michael Demeng here for three whole days of art making and it was a blast. He is a sweet and talented man, patient, kind, adorable, funny and he has a great MP3 collection. We had artist that traveled from far and not so far to be here and play and the vibe was buzzy and inspiring.

Tracy Bautista showed up for a visit and we may have talked her into teaching a workshop or exciting!

It is almost time for me to get Christmas ornaments up and I am looking for the right little tree to hang from the ceiling. Next week we should have a little winter in the store.

New Mags just arrived last week and the Where Women Create is beautiful and makes me want to clean and organize my studio.

Ms.Julee Herrman has a list that is getting quite long of people who would like to get their solder on. If you wanna be on it come by or give me a call. I will be posting the dates for her classes soon.

This Saturday we are doing Paper Clay Dolls! We have two spots left.

Hate to make it short and sweet but I have a dozen little snowmen who are all naked and need little hats and scarves.

Make Art=Be Happy!

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