Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Merry Everything!

Happy Winter Holiday Everyone!

It has been a little bit busy here at Tangerine, so busy in fact that I did not notice that the Tangerine website was down (Thank you Sarah Logan for the heads up!)
The good new is that I was able to get the site back up today. Updates will have to wait until I am back from vacation but there many new classes coming!!!!

Thank you to all the great customers who have come in to bring me treats and visit. This store is all about people, creativity, and friendships. I love it that almost everyday I get to hang-out with customers who have fast become good friends. I love my job...well, maybe I don't love the book keeping, the paperwork and the boring stuff but I sure love having this groovy little hang-out and all the people who hang out with me.

Thank you Lana and Kerri for your generosity, friendship, good advice, silliness, and permission to always be my true self.

I am planning a spring retreat in Corning California where my very good friends have a beautiful Olive farm. It will be rowdy event, just girls, good wine, art making, olive tour and tasting, and gourmet cooking in the field kitchen. If you are interested in the event I am building a list. I will have the dates for you in February.

New classes:

Julee Herrmann will be teaching more soldering, she just did the most amazing orny class, oh they were soooo pretty. She has new projects lined up.

Iva Wilcox will do something fun, she always does, hopefully another bee's wax project.

I am crossing my fingers that Collen Moody will teach another workshop this year, they are always a full house.

We have two wonderful women who will be teaching mosaic, I can't wait.

I will have two more paper clay classes; a doll making workshop and a figurine workshop.

I will also be teaching a basic acrylic class soon. I have a new contract with Golden and I can't wait to get started on some painting projects.

Buttons! Tangerine will host a mini-workshop/play date, everyone brings ten images they would like to turn into little 1 inch buttons. It will be a no cost workshop.

Mini art quilts...ever wanted to try but thought you couldn't sew? We will be working with found objects, fabric, fabric dyes and the dreaded sewing machine. Time to get brave and dust of that machine that has been sitting for years.

I have three beautiful kilns and when the weather warms up a bit I will be giving a ceramic vessel class.

Our second junk jewelry class where we will make some new stuff out of old stuff.

One more journal making day.

and a partridge in a pear tree.

The store will be open while I am gone, My dear friend Sawsan will hold down the fort. I will be back on the 29Th and get class times and dates posted for you.

Have a beautiful holiday season enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Make Art=Be Happy

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