Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Morning!

The rain is here. I am not a fan of cold gloomy weather but you have to admit rainy days do have a certain charm. Who doesn't like sitting by a fire, warm tea, a fat book, and something sinful in the oven like chocolate chip muffins or a loaf of banana bread. I love to eat soup on wet grey days, wear big socks, watch movies from the 80's and laugh at the hair and the clothes that I thought were so wonderful when I was sixteen.

Here at Tangerine it is quiet. The street is full of rain instead of cars and it's a day to catch up on all those things I have been avoiding like tax prep, website updates, sweeping, putting the last of Christmas away...

Last night I made more ephemera jars while I drank hot chocolate and listened to the rain beat down. The jars are a little smaller but packed with better stuff I have been holding onto just for this purpose. I also made some jewelry, my hope is to have it all completed by Friday and put out next week for everyone to enjoy.

New magazines are here and Catherine Moores new line of stamps arrived last week, they are wonderful. I will be hitting the gift shows next month and I am excited to find a few new things for the store.

Julee Herrman is about to become a regular fixture. She will be doing a little creating here at Tangerine and helping me out when she can. I love her energy, enthusiasm and her creativity I believe she will bring a little more magic to the store.

Tracy Bautista may be doing a workshop soon, I will be meeting with her this week to discuss the possibility, she is as sweet and wonderful as everyone says she is and overflows with arty goodness.

I had dinner with my two side-kicks Iva Wilcox and Colleen Moody. I don't know what it is about getting out with girl friends that makes you feel like smiling and being silly. Colleen will be featured in Stampingtons new Primitive Doll magazine and Iva is doing a lot more painting (she is a gifted painter but keeps it a secret) we had drinks, great food, gossip, told dirty jokes and had a great time, they keep me happy.

Ingrid Pomeroy has been a busy bee. I love Ingrid, she is witty, smart, and a hard working artist. It seems like every time I open a Stapington magazine there she is. Her work is lovely. She stopped by with her sweet daughter a week ago, they are always so cheery and full of news. You can see some of Ingrids work at American Harvest in Pleasanton. Tell Sharon I sent you.

Lana Kloch will be doing a Tangerine trunk show, I don't have a date but we are gearing up for spring. It will be in the evening, and will be a lot of fun. Lana is a collector with an eye for the subtle and beautiful she is one of those people everyone knows because she has a certain Lananess that makes you want to giggle and tell secrets. She has put aside some wonderful things to sell to other collectors and art makers (after much begging from me). It will be an event not to be missed.

I have been doing a little studio clean-up myself and it has cleared room not only in my studio but inside me. It is funny how when you get rid of the clutter there is more room for creative energy. I made huge piles of things that I "saved" from old projects mostly stuff I bought too much of or will never use again. I then drove to the recycle depot in Berkeley and donated it. I came back home and felt great I had room to move and breath.

I have a heart full of new projects and I discovered some treasures I had forgotten about.

If you were stranded on an island with enough food and water but you were allowed to bring one shoebox full of art supplies what would you bring? I would bring good pencils and a good eraser, Windsor Newtons traveling watercolor kit, a fine point black pen, cold press paper, Tim Holtz scissors, twine,a small bottle of Aleenes glue (in the gold bottle) a small but fat sketch book, and a few chocolate bars (they are essential to my creativity) and a Penguin copy of Goblins Market by Christina Rossetti.

If you think about it, what ever is on your list is all you really need in your studio if it is a big room, a corner in a small room, a desk or suitcase. I think we get so busy buying, collecting, and thinking of things we will someday make that we forget to just sit and play with what we already have.

Get Rid of a little clutter, explore your playground and Make Art=Be Happy!

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Colleen said...

O i love the way you write and it makes me happy to be a small part of your Tangerine world. looking forward to our next eve of cock-tails, funny jokes and no running out of gasoline.