Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Barb Saint John, bones, workshops and citrus...

Barb St John Came to Tangerine for a visit. I liked her the second I met her. She is warm, interesting, kind, creative, and just amazing! She brought an old jewel box full of treasures for me to explore.

I can imagine many people cruising by her work sure they know what is on the table but for the few people who take the time to take a second look...well, we are the lucky ones. Barbs work is smart, ironic, naughty and fun. She isn't just throwing it together, each piece is carefully planned and wonderfully joined; text, fragile bones encased in resin, sassy images, vintage rhinestones, chunky metal, clock parts, it all equals beauty.

I asked her to teach a few classes at Tangerine and she agreed to share some of her secrets with us and teach a couple jewelry making workshops. In one of them we will be making pendants with secret perfume compartments, and yes we will be making our own signature perfume to fill them with. I am pretty excited (huge Grin) about this one.

We have quite a few workshops coming up, if you are not finding them on the website then give me a call and I can fill you in. I hit a little web-site hurdle but it is being repaired and is up and running. (Please read the disclaimer about my lack of technical expertise)

It has been a slow week at Tangerine which means the universe gave me an opportunity to do the books. Ahhh numbers, lots of them, rows and rows of them all needing to be crammed into a program that does magical things with them. There aren't many things I like better except a pap smear, getting my teeth cleaned or being run over by a very big truck with mosters painted on it!

I am almost done with this horrific task and I am chomping at the bit to start making Marie dolls. Ladies in waiting: The Soire is just around the corner! I will be throwing a Marie Party/Workshop soon where we will be making Maries out of old dolls parts, wire, wool, ceramic pots and vintage fabric. I even saved some terrible lace from Paris for this party! This is going to be a messy, fun, and long workshop. If you are a doll maker, want to learn a little bit about found object sculpture or just love cake then you need to hang out with us!

New Goodies, even more Catherine Moore Stamps and an even cooler space to make stuff (Played Tetris with the store and viola, more space!)

The weather is so nice, throw on some shorts, find pomogranite blossoms, baby pears, and ripe cherries.

Make Art = Be Happy

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Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

thanks for the lovely writeup!!

I want to come for a binding play date!! email or call me with details