Thursday, May 28, 2009

marbelizing paper and veggie beds...

Poo-on-a-stick I just couldn't wait until next week so I have all my marbleizing supplies out and I am going to do a dozen sheets and see how they look. This is way too much fun to be calling "work"

Lisa Guerin just sent me her class samples and they are beautiful. Little altered journal covers using all the good stuff we hoarders collect. Lisa has a beautiful eye for composition. she will be here on the 15Th, her classes are always fun and productive.

I am putting together a few play dates this summer. These are not workshops and there is no class fee. It is simply a group of creative people getting together sharing ideas, eating treats and re-connecting with real live people outside of their studios.

1.Marbleizing Paper
2.Sewing little stuff
3.Binding and upcycling old the old paper stash.

If you are interested give me a call or shoot me an email.

It isn't too late to put in a little veggie garden. It doesn't have to feed the planet but there is nothing better than a meal prepared with something you grew yourself.

If space is an issue try a small raised bed or containers. I once grew the most obscene tomato's from a ceramic pot on a patio.

A good friend of mine does community gardening. She has a friend in town with a descent space for a garden. They created a small group and they tend the soil, plant, water and harvest together.

Most kids think food comes from the grocery store. Introduce them to seeds and seedlings. When I need an herb or a green I send my little guy out to the back yard, he loves it.

I have three raised beds. They are very small and a big change from the huge gardens I use to have. I don't have as much time and passion for it as I use to but I can not go a whole summer without something edible growing in my yard. Our yard has a little more cement than it use to, a trampoline, a little outbuilding and other stuff that eats up an already small space. Over the years we have planted dwarf fruit trees so that we could have fresh fruit without having acreage. I have fig, cherry, apricot, apple, Asian pear, nectarine, pomegranate and two overgrown walnuts courtesy of our squirrels. They all live in my back yard and don't take up any more space than ornamental shrubs would have.

The cherries are long gone (we ate them as soon as they got a little red) The apricots and pears are firm little nubs waiting for the sun to make them big and sweet.

Don't be afraid to get outside and get dirty, run in the sprinklers or read on a blanket under a tree (even if it isn't your tree) There are a million ways to fill the creative well, explore.

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HeArt Collective said...

ooooh oooooh! mee meeee!
i'm ready to sew little stuff and reduce reuse upcycle AND share! you should SEE the toys i just came into!