Monday, June 7, 2010

Gina, Gina, Tangerina...

Julie comes in on Wednesdays and says the same thing each time "Gina, Gina, Tangerina" I love it, she is like liquid sunshine. Julie is the new Cricut pimp and she has all the swag. She is great at her job and it won't be long before we see her at CHA glamming it up. She is supper fun and enthusiastic abut every endevor.

Not a whole lot going on, everyone seems to be making summer plans as they should but I will post a few summer classes on the website this week for those of us in town. I appreciate all my regulars and the weekly visits, what a job! love it!

The next big date for your calender is July 10th Our first Cupcake Saturday. Come in, bring a friend, load up on some sweets and be happy! We will also be having a little Artist Garage Sale there will be some really well priced goodies for making stuff.

I seem to be the only one around selling Stampington like crazy. This magazine company is awesome. I not only get to sell the magazine but once in a while I get the opportunity to write for them, what fun that is! The magazines feature many local artists, have great ideas for new projects and are just delicious to look at.

Michael Demeng will be here in September, time to get on the list if you want to be in his workshops. Call the store for more details...I am still waiting for the final project list ( I am so excited!!!) three all new workshops so break out your Golden paints, your fun junk and lets make some crazy, crusty art!

Buttons, buttons, buttons. We have all been collecting (hoarding) them it is time to think of some new uses for them. I was watching 9 By Design the other day and they featured artist Ann Carrington who created a rockin portrait by using buttons to create HRH (Queen of England) on huge piece of rich black fabric. I am guessing she used an opaque projector to make the image nice and big, traced it using a white fabric pencil then slowly sewed each button on, she used mother of pearl buttons so there was this shimery quality to creamy buttons. The effect was spectacular, you check out her work at She is an exciting conceptual artist, all fun, she understands Make Art=Be Happy.


Ali said...

I think you need a nursery rhyme to go with that…
Gina, Gina, Tangerina
Wears a crown like a Tsarina

I am not sure what the next line should be?? :)

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

I have been thinking about you so much, and I have not called. I will stop by maybe tomorrow. I hope you are still being the creative wonder you are! Miss you!
~ Iva