Thursday, February 19, 2009


Most of you know that last week Tangerines brand-spanking new HP computer silently turned itself off. Theses things happen and I should have had a back-up plan but I didn't. I sent the sad computer off to be repaired by it's maker and purchased a little computer to hold down the fort and process transactions while we waited for fixing to be done.

I bought an Eee PC. You see them everywhere, they look like toys. Mine is pink and fits in my purse. I love it. It does everything a grown up computer can do. The draw back is that it requires an external disc drive to play movies and load programs. You also have to have very tiny hands to type comfortably. I am lucky to own such hands so viola, back-up plan.

This is a very long explanation for why there are no class updates and class descriptions on the website. This is also an apology to those of you waiting for information regarding classes you signed up for. Two more days everyone, two more days and we will be up and groovin!

We have many new classes coming soon that I am so excited about. Ingrid Pomeroy has just been added to our list of instructors and she has the sweetest collage class coming up in April. I have seen the photo's and I promise you will love this class.

Sonnie will be offering some new PMC classes soon. These will be intermediate classes (for those of you who took PMC1 last month). She will be teaching a little bit about setting stones and creating fused glass class cabochons.

Mike Jennings is blessing us with another Photo shop Intensive on March 14Th. This is a class for all of you collage artists. I know you have Photo shop, I know you want to make it do all kind of cool tricks, well Mike is your guru. He works for Adobe and happens to be one of my most favorite Geeks in the world. This guy is a computer genius and artist extraordinaire, a perfect combination. This is a full day class and he is a pro.

Colleen Moody, our local celebrity doll artist will be giving two yes two wonderful workshops (yipee) where you will be making miniature paper clay dolls that sit in vintage jewel boxes...way too sweet to describe. These will be April classes but you might want to sign up soon I know they will fill quickly.

Connie Govea Stuart will also be teaching an exclusive workshop in April. She will be creating a wonderful wearable piece of art using images and textiles. She brought the sample by last week and I drooled. The piece is all Connie and fans of her work will love this class. This is another class I would enroll early for.

I don't mean to leave anyone out I am just running out of time, there are a couple of you in the shop today who have been waiting patiently for my attention.

Two more days and I will be able to update you a little better and have all the details you will need. Thank you all for being so kind and patient.

This is a creative world and I feel so privileged to be a meeting place for creative souls.

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