Monday, May 9, 2011

First Ladies Craft crafty!

So we finally did it and it was so much fun.

Last week we gathered at Tangerine for a ladies craft night. Everyone brought a little treat to share and a few ephemera-esque goodies and we simply played, ate, had a little wine (thank you Julee Herrmann) and made junk journals that were pretty snazzy. I on the other hand was sneezy.

Early in the day I came down with a gross cold compliments of my little guy who likes to bring me these things home from school. I didn't want to cancel so I was the hostess with the pocket full of tissue and a big red nose. My apologies to anyone I germed.

The food was suppose to be quick and easy, a bag of chips, a bottle of bubble water but we had some really yummy stuff. Is it just me or do wine, women, food, and art go perfectly together.

So we have to do it again because we just have to. In June there will be another, and we will be making party hats! and I promise journals one more time, you can never make or have enough journals.

If you have not been to Tangerine in a while it is time to come in, check out what classes are cooking and hang out. Where Women Create just came in and it's beautiful, so is the new ADQ. Stampington is going to release it's new children's magazine perfect for little artists, super for summer.

Michael Demeng will be here in September and I am opening Registration June 1st. The projects are amazing, I will post them this week. His workshops fill up fast so make sure you call or come in early.

For mothers day I got a pretty terrific grill and made some killer pizza. Yes you can BBQ pizza and it rocks me upside down. Just use a pizza stone, some applewood chips, your favorite dough recipe, and all the pizza fixins. OMG ladies you will never put pizza in the oven again.

I think I will bring some to our next ladies craft night.

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Rebekah said...

ooo, a ladies craft night! sounds like fun! I just adore your shop by the way! :)